The First Entry

Well, as my first blog entry, I’m going to explain a few things and do some footwork. I titled this blog Footsteps of Life for a reason. This blog is one large composition of my thoughts, my feelings and my activities. Every entry is merely one step towards who I was created to be; it’s all a written rough draft of my life’s journey, starting now. Many entries will be chalk-full of my opinions, and let me warn you: I’m very opinionated. I tell people I can be, because I’m Baptist. 🙂 What I want to make crystal-clear, however, is that these are my opinions–I don’t expect them to be yours. I believe each of us are entitled to our own viewpoints; I’m not writing these things to try to get you to believe them, too. I’m writing this because I enjoy it, and I want you to enjoy it with me!

Love to All,


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