Dad’s Day

Father’s Day is tomorrow. . . I don’t have a gift yet!!!!! It’s been on my mind all week, but then, late last night I was driving home from camp and the DJ on the radio was talking about it, and I was like, ‘Oh, no! Stupid me!!’ But my mom and I have been talking and it sounds like we may have come up with a plan. (hopefully)
What does Father’s Day really mean? It’s supposed to be a day we take off to celebrate our dad’s. I have fond memories of spending Father’s Day outside, putting up our gazebo-thing and sitting in it, relaxing. We also go to grandpa’s, usually. He always loves when we come over and lots of times it’s seemed like a red-letter holiday with so many of us there. (Must be a real pain to my grandma, who has to feed us all!)
I just hope that this Father’s Day, I treat it as I should: a day to celebrate my dad, not just another ol’ day or an excuse to get together with family. I know this is a hard day for some, who don’t have very good fathers. My heart goes out to them! I am privileged to have an amazing dad and for those of you who can say that with me, let’s show them how much we appreciate them come Sunday and all year long!

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