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The close of another camp year

I just arrived home from camp. It’s now over for the season–that’s a depressing thought. I haven’t even been home an hour and am already missing it. When I close my eyes and ponder it, I see faces. Many, many faces. I see the little boy who’d do flips, the girl who was a basketball star, the man who was fond of giving me a bear hug with a sloppy kiss (that’s not my favorite memory, I must say!), the lady who sacrificed her time to come and work on different projects the camp needed done. So many amazing people, so many stories, so many experiences, so many relationships, so many lessons, so many prayers, so many pictures. . . it just never ends! How can so many blessings pour out of one tiny little structure? It doesn’t make sense, but why would it? Since when does God make sense? He wouldn’t be God if He did! I found out today that Lake Bronson Baptist Bible Camp (LBBBC) was started by a Youth Group back in the day (I’m drawing a mental block on the exact year) for $300.00. In our money, that was A LOT. I think someone compared it to, like, 30 grand or so. Just picture it: a group of teenagers up and decide they’ll try to raise money for 10-acres of land (It’s more now, but that’s how much they started with) to start a Bible camp with no guarantee there’d be any success. If we tried to do that nowadays at my church, all the adults would throw out all these “practical” reasons about how foolish and naive we were being. They’d even use the Bible against it, I’m sure, by saying it was a bad use of stewarding the resources God gave us. If not that extreme, they’d discourage us out of concern for what it would do to our faith and emotions if it didn’t work out. Yet look now. LBBBC has changed so many people’s lives! People have become Christians there, they’ve met their future spouse there, they’ve decided to enter the ministry as preachers/missionaries there, they’ve been encouraged when life seemed too hard there. . . like I said before, the blessings just never seem to end! Hundreds of people go through that camp every year and their lives are changed simply because a group of teenagers listened to God’s voice in their life and took action! Now, I’m not denying there was adult leadership in this Youth Group. Of course there was–that’s not my point. My point is that it wasn’t the deacon/elder board, women’s group, Education, Missions or any of the other million-and-two committees our churches have that had this vision. It was the YOUTH GROUP. (“Let no one look down on you because you are young, but set an example for believers. . .” I Timothy 4:12) God has poured out His Spirit on that place and has blessed me a thousand times over through it! I hope it continues forever. . . but you know what? I’m positive it will. Because where God is, there you will find life!

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