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Instant Gratification

It’s been awhile, I know. I went from a HUGE blogging streak, to leaving you stranded in the desert. You can blame a pesky little thing called “school” for that. . . What to write about? Here’s something that’s been bothering me lately: Instant Gratification.
What is that? It’s big religious jargon for having an “I want it now” attitude. No one has patience anymore, everyone wants their desires NOW. . . including me. There are several things I’m struggling with right now. From desires I have to prayers that still need answers and I no longer have patience to wait. Around the time school started God gave me two verses:

Romans 8:25 “If we hope for what we do not have then do we with patience wait for it.”
Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

I have claimed these two verses with an authority that has been dormant a long time. It’s been too long since I’ve really “clung” to God’s Word like that. And maybe that’s been His purpose in this all along. To bring me to the point where I’m reminded that I can lean on Him

But a tad on Instant Gratification: It’s the new “fad” these days. Along with long necklaces and holey jeans, yet I don’t think this will go out very fast. Have you listened to people’s conversations lately? The thing about writers is that we’re extremely observant and terrible eavesdroppers. The CIA should hire us. Honestly, our information and resources would be invaluable to them. Not only do people think only about themselves, they think the rest of us should move heaven and earth for them, as well.

Look at most teenage couples these days. Terrible as this is to say, I sincerely wonder what most of my friends see in their Significant Others. Like, I’ve TOTALLY missed the attraction points. I honestly think if I asked my peers what it was they liked about their boyfriend/girlfriend, they wouldn’t know how to answer me. They may tell a joke, they may write up an essay on their reasons with big words and poetry, but they wouldn’t be able to give me a point-blank “I like John/Jane because______.” I’ve seen–and am currently watching–friends make major sacrifices in order to date, ones that aren’t even worth it, all for someone everyone knows will be out of their life in a short while. (I mean, c’mon. You think you’re 14 year-old boyfriend will actually be your husband someday?) But, their desire is to date, so here they are. . .

What about cell phones? I know some extremely young kids who have razor phones. I mean, seriously, their parents barely make ends meet, and THAT’s on their priority list? What about food, clothes and shelter?!?! But that’s too mundane! We have to give the appearance of adults (even if we don’t have facial hair or our menstrual period) because the mature world looks like so much fun!

Then there’s the diet fad. I need to lose this weight NOW. You know how many people have worse health because of their diet? No one does the eat-right-and-excercize plan, because that’s just too slow! We’d rather throw it up or starve!

Instant Messenger, e-mail, just the web in general! Why do research by reading a book when you can google it?

Anyway, this is what God’s been throwing at me lately. It’s just something to think about.
Remember: If we hope for what we do not have, then. . .



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