I recently got an e-mail from my mother about a man named Nick Vujicic. You can find his full story at his website: If the site’s name doesn’t give it away (or the picture), here’s the gist: he was born without any arms or legs. None. He’s the son of a preacher from Australia and has two younger siblings who were born “normal”. Absolutely no doctor can fathom why he was born with this strange defect. The miracle is what he has done with his life! He’s a genious and a motivational speaker. He goes around encouraging people, basically. Saying, ‘Hey, I know life is hard, but if I can find joy, so can you!’ All my “problems” and issues I’m dealing with now seem so small and ridiculous. At least when I’m down I can give hugs. When I cry, I can wipe my own eyes. He can’t. Think of him next time life seems like it’s ended. And definitely check out his site!

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