Sabbath Day

My Sunday’s going well so far! I overslept (along with the rest of my family) and we were late to church (actually, Sunday School) for the third week in a row! After church we headed out to Grand Forks to visit my uncle who’s in the hospital because of a hip infection. After eating hospital food for dinner we went up to see him, and visited my cousin (or 1st cousin once removed, to be exact) who had just been moved out of ICU. Brooklyn Ross was born premature and will be a month old this week. She’s now 6 lbs. and will be going home tomorrow! After leaving the hospital we went to pick up a bow and arrow set from another of my uncles for my brother to practice with and use for deer hunting sometime this season. That took WAY longer than I’d planned. My 15-year-old learner’s permit brother then drove us home. I tried to sleep somewhere in between the jolting and swaying and occasional comments of “Dang it!” coming from behind the steering wheel. . . Key word being “tried”. So I’m finally home and have to proofread my cousin’s College English paper, as well as alter my own and catch up on my College Government notes that I forgot to do earlier. I also need to sort through my senior pictures and get back to the dear lady who took them as to which ones I like. I didn’t finish cleaning my bedroom yesterday, so I SHOULD do that, but I know it won’t get done. I didn’t practice violin enough this week, either, so I should try to get some of that squeezed in, too. And there’s the pictures I was supposed to send to my relatives in the Cities AGES ago and the video I need to copy from way back this summer for the Bible Camp staff. Sundays are supposed to be days of “rest and reflection” according to my all-time favorite show 7th Heaven. While I can’t say I’m resting, at least I got the reflection part down…I’m “reflecting” on a heck of a lot of things!! Oh! Did I mention the ton of scholarship essays I need to start and applications that need to be sent to colleges?. . .

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