An Enjoyable Monday…seriously!

I have officially experienced the first ‘good’ Monday in the history of our planet! Isn’t that great? 🙂 We had no school today–I’m not even sure why, but whose questioning? I had the house to myself with my parents both at work and my brother tagging along with my uncle all day. I seriously spent the day watching episode after episode of 7th Heaven. It was a blast! Then I picked up some of the house quickly before my mother got home and checked my e-mail…and now I’m blogging. What a better way to end my day? Not that my day’s over at 5:22 p.m., but it’s winding down. I didn’t even get dressed. Our county’s assessor came by for my dad (he’s building a garden shed–my dad, not the assessor) and all I did was throw a sweatshirt on over my T-shirt and answered the door in my sweats, aka pajamas. It felt GLORIOUS! I am not, however, going to get all cliche-ey and say how I wish life were like this more often and not always stressful. . . because if life weren’t stressful I wouldn’t have enjoyed today. It wouldn’t have had any special significance. While I don’t necessarily like school–hate it, actually–it is what keeps me busy nowdays. I’m looking forward to the stage in my life where I’m stressed and busy because of work–an occupation I chose and love and am good at. As long as I’m at my best, I actually enjoy being busy and even a tad stressed. Don’t tell anyone though! It’ll be my little secret with you–the entire ciber-world. Haha. But I also dearly love relaxing mondays. I think after supper I’ll go excercize then maybe soak in the tub…you seriously have no idea how long it’s been since I’ve had a luxurious bath!



2 Responses

  1. Emily,
    I really enjoyed reading your post today. If you go to you can get a button so people can subscribe to your feed. It’s easy to do — check it out. I’d like to be able to subscribe and have your posts accessible in my Google Reader.

    Please stop by my blog,Poetikat’s Invisible Keepsakes and check it out.

  2. Thanks Kathleen! I’ll definately check that out.

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