The Journey: my new violin (Intro)

Tomorrow I begin the search for my new violin. I’m very excited. Up ’till now I’ve played an old violin that my grandfather played back in grade school. Owning an antique instrument full of my rich family history has made me proud and I’ve never wanted to replace it. But now I’ve come to a place where the Old Dear, sadly, isn’t good enough. I know that if I’m ever going to improve my playing quality and take it to the next step in college, I’ll need an instrument of good caliber. Even though I’m anticipating coming out of this search a pauper, I’m filled with anticipation of picking up an isntrument, hearing it sing and knowing that it’s my mate.

This kind of purchase is more of a process, however, so I’m thinking of doing little mini-series in here of my journey. I have no idea what tomorrow’s entry will hold, but don’t get your hopes up. I’m actually hoping tomorrow will turn out with nill. I’m only going to Grand Forks tomorrow, which is sparse in it’s violin selection. Although I may have a few on loan to try, I’m especially excited about eventually going to Fargo–maybe even Winnipeg–and looking at their selection. There I could even go to a specific violin shop. Wouldn’t that be heavenly? Surrounded by wood and the smell of varnish . . . haha, I really have no idea; I’ve never been in one before. (Which is why it would be so much fun!)

Your Excited little Shopper,


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