The Journey: my new violin part II

Well, what do you think? This is the instrument I found . . . and I found it Grand Forks, go figure. It was at Scott’s Music Studio and the designs you see are all hand-painted. She has a deep, mellow sound and a clear upper register. (to those of you who don’t play violin: it sounds really nice πŸ™‚ ) It’s worth $4200, but I’m getting it for $3200–how could I refuse that kind of deal? Any other violin I’d have looked at elsewhere would have sounded like a two or three thousand dollar instrument–because I can’t afford $4,000. I’m very pleased. Now my dilemma is a bow. I got a new one a little over a year ago and it’s a nice bow . . . but it’s nothing to the amazing one the store sent home with me. (Duh, as if they didn’t have a strategy, here.)

My old bow needed re-hairing, but even after I’ve done that, it won’t be close to the deep, rich tone quality I can milk out with the more expensive one. I could hold off on the bow and, if I end up feeling I need another, buy it later. After all, I’m only an amateur violinist. If I end up using my talent more, then maybe I can look into getting a new bow. But my thinking is, when in my life will I have the money raised up or the time to earn it if I don’t get it now. Next year I start college and life on my own and who knows what after that? I can’t say what will happen. So, do any of you out there have any advice? Do I say ‘good enough for now’ and see what happens? Or do I take the plunge and buy $775.00 bow?

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  1. Hey, I am a 16 year old violinist. I’ve played for seven years in several orchestras, small ensembles, etc. I need a new violin. Desperately. My parents don’t understand that the $400 violin I have now is keeping me from progressing more, so I need to earn the money myself. You sound like you are in high-school (since you’re going to college), so how did you save the money? Anything in addition to a job?

  2. Hi, Luke. When I wrote this post I was, yes, in High School. I’m now a college freshman and, believe it or not, it’s HARDER to make money in college than High School. You have less time to commit to a job. I saved money through a job. A summer job can get you over a thousand dollars, depending where you work. I’m a country girl, and had limitations, but if you’re from the city, your possibilities are endless. Something I wanted to try, but never did (it’s still a goal of mine someday) is to play for money. Call up your local mall and ask what they charge for you to set up a stand and just play what people will want to hear. Since it’s Christmas, the mall may be booked, but if you could get in, Christmas is probably the best season to do it. People love giving at Christmas. Maybe put out a sign explaining who you are and why you are trying to raise money. Musicians will try to help out, if no one else. πŸ™‚

    That’s being creative and fast. The way I did it, and the best way, is just old-fashioned hard work and patience. I know how it feels being held back by your instrument. (It feels worse when you get a new one and realize even more how bad you were playing! lol)

    I hope this helps. Lemme know how it goes for you! Thanks for checking out my blog.


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