Ah, it’s Saturday.  My day that I could really use to play catch-up on my schoolwork.  When you get this close to your High School graduation, and you already know what you want to do in life your classes start to slide.  Right now, English is the only one I really care about.  I’m taking an 0n-line French program (called Rosetta Stone) and am behind. . . a lot.  I need to finish by the end of this year…which is three months, now…to get my language credits.  Yikes!  But that’s what days like today are really good for. 

 It’s 3:00.  I spent the entire morning (from about 9:30) reading a book.  I’m at my grandparents, and it was sitting on my grandma’s bookshelf. I thought, “Hey, I wonder if this is any good?”  The author wasn’t really that great, but since the story was beautiful, I just kept going, plowed right through.  All 251 pages of it.  I know without a doubt that I won’t get any French done today.  I dread doing it.  The program is so incredibly boring you’d have to be a monk to fathom it! 

 Now if I was in such a “reading” mood, I could have read “Pride and Prejudice”, since that is my English lit homework.  I’m a Pride and Prejudice junkie, so you’d think I could have figured that one out.  Or I could have got a start on the pile of books in my bedroom, waiting to be read.  Some titles including: “Gone with the Wind” and “Rhett Butler’s People”.  I really want to read those, but haven’t found the time…and they’re both overdue at my school library.  But no, I couldn’t do things the common-sense way.  Why?

Because I’m a reader and a writer and I’m just drawn to weird things and who cares if I have a big test tomorrow or my supper is on the stove burning . . .I HAVE to finish this last chapter…!!!  Reading takes precedence over everything.

 Good Lord, I’m obsessed! 😉


3 Responses

  1. Hello fellow reading junkie 😉 It is always nice to meet another with an addiction to words.


  2. Thanks for the comment! Haha, I think I’m going to make that phrase my life-theme! 🙂

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