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violin-4-wallet.jpgThe following is a true story that happened roughly two hours ago, to yours truly. 😉

I placed the music on the black stand, wishing I’d practiced before I came.  Who knew how this would sound?  You practiced yesterday, I told myself. . . over and over and over.  Do you have any idea what could happen from one day to the next?  I was finally starting to get some of my pieces down . . . but not one.  The Orange Blossom Special was my favorite song I was preparing, but with the recital–and not just any recital, my big senior recital–less than two weeks away, I wasn’t convinced it would be the grand finale I had been intending.  The song is supposed to mimick a train. . . but it sounded more like crunch . . . grind . . . squeeeeeeek than chugga-lugga-chugga-lugga-chugga-lugga CHOO-CHOO.  It was, in essence, a train with some serious motor problems.  No one with half a brain would put there cargo on my machine!

 I explained this to my teacher.  “Well, let’s just try it and see how it goes,” she suggested.  With a chuckle, I tucked my fiddle beneath my chin and we plowed through the difficult first page that was my dreaded enemy.  It sounded very similar to before. . . the crunching and grinding not letting me down in the least. *eye roll*

Then we decided, “What the heck, let’s just play it up to tempo (up to speed, for my music-illiterate readers 🙂 ) and see what happens!”  So, beginning with the part I knew well and could fly through, I raced down the track!  Suddenly I hit the repeat, and the dreaded first page loomed before me. 

 Here goes nothing, I thought, mentally bracing myself for the dreaded sound of my train killing a cat. 

Chugga-lugga-chugga-lugga-chugga-lugga CHOO-CHOO!  My first reaction was shock.  I hadn’t messed up yet.  Okay, let’s keep going.  Still going at lightning speed, my train raced on.  Chugga-lugga-chugga-lugga-chugga-lugga CHOO-CHOO.  What?! I missed a couple notes in my shock, but continued.  What was happening?

I’m still not sure.  My teacher was surprised.  “That’s the best I’ve ever heard you play this!” she exclaimed.  “You had me prepared for much worse.”  Looking at me with sincerity and . . . respect . . . she smiled. “This is going to be a good song.”

I’ve learned pieces and felt the accomplishments of finally tackling them several times.  But never this.  This was magic.  It’s like my fingers just knew they were meant for this song!  I wonder if they didn’t just send me through the past horrible weeks of drilling and practicing and pulling out my hair for kicks.  Just to laugh at me.  Because after tonight, I’m convinced they knew what they were doing on their own.  There was no hand-to-brain connection this time.  Otherwise we’d have had more than just a dead cat on the tracks!

Has this happened to any of you?  Please tell me!!  Music is magic, yes.  It’s addicting, yes.  But now, for me, it’s supernatural.  

So, now I am a very happy, less paranoid girl!  All the way home I was exclaiming, “Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES!”

No more stress!! Ah, what a wonderful world!

🙂 Emily Grace


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