I am computer illiterate.  (I know, I know. Teenager. I’m supposed to rule the computer world. Trust me, I’m an exception to that rule!) Why I am blogging is still a mystery to me. 

No, I recant.  I know why I am blogging: I love to write and I want to get my writing “out there” in the world.  How is maybe a better word.  I don’t know how I am blogging.  I just bull-crap my way through it, hoping it works when I press “publish”. 

I started blogging last summer, but just switched over to WordPress from Blogger last week.  I am enjoying my new wordpress format immensely. . . but am still confused on some important stuff.

Could there be a few of you WordPress-junkies willing to spare a couple minutes to give a newbie some advice?

First of all, I love pictures.  I think they draw people’s attention and I always love putting crazy ones up just for kicks.  However, I’m having trouble uploading pics.  They are WAY too freakin’ big!!!  They take up the entire page and get in the way of my post!  I realize that I somehow have to format them different–or something like that–but am really confused.  Can anyone tell me how you upload your pictures?  Ones off the internet seem fine (like the one for this post), but actual pictures I’ve taken with my camera just blow up!

Secondly, my blog roll.  I have tried and tried and tried to get mine to work, but for some reason it won’t appear.  Is there a widget I have to add for that, or can I just upload links onto my “blogroll” button and click “update”?  I looked on WordPress’s FAQ section, but the only advice they gave was to categorize them.  Mine are categorized into at least two–usually three–different categories!  I’m at a loss.

Now, just some experience advice I’m looking for.  Is there a good time to blog?  That may sound weird, but I’m not sure if your post will be accessed more often if you publish in the morning, say, verses evening.  Anyone know?  Does it even matter?

Thank you in advance to all you sympathetic, caring people!



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  1. OK, lets see if I can help you a little. Pictures- When you up load a pic it asks you what to do with it. Browse for your pic and either hit upload or add the name in info about the pic and then hit upload. As soon as the pic is uploaded you have the choice to thumbnail it or full size it. Choose thumbnail to make it small. However I have noticed if the pic is to large it won’t let you thumbnail it. You need to resize it. Any photo editor will let you do this. Resize it to approx. 500 pixels. If you don’t know how to do this tell me what program comes up when you open a pic. Once you make it a little smaller the thumbnail option will come up after you upload it.
    Blogroll- Go to your Dashboard. Click on Blogroll. Under Blogroll Management you will see a sentence. In that sentence should be a link, “add links” click it. Type in or cut and paste the Name, web address and some info on it. Look to the right and you should see a list of Categories, check the appropriate heading. Click on “Add Link”. After you have added the ones that you want click Blogroll at the top again. You should see everything that you added. Look under the “Add Link” link and there should be a drop down menu, make sure it says “All”.
    That should do it. As for your final question, I don’t know. One thing you could do is offer people the choice to subscribe via email, but if you do that they don’t have to physically go to your site each day. However, that does take away from your traffic numbers if you monitor that. If you want to do email subscribers let me know and I will try to help with that.
    When to blog? No clue, I am new too. I read a few blogs and most just post when they have time.

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