You speak human?!!

Yesterday our Sunday School class was quite low in attendance.  There were a whole two people there: my brother and I.   🙂  I go to a small church in a little rural village, so that happens a lot. 

As our teacher went over the beginning of Genesis, he emphasized a lot on how hard it is for us to imagine what Eden was like.  What does “perfect” really feel like?  We discussed all the relationships that were affected due to sin. There are three: relationships between man and God, between man and woman. . . and also between man and animals.  The first animal was killed for clothing due to the Fall.  That wouldn’t have occurred had Adam and Eve not sinned.  A thought then hit me:

“So, could animals talk then? Could Adam and Eve actually communicate with them?”  I envisioned a Narnia on earth.  Are C.S. Lewis’ talking critters not only allegories, but theological mysteries, as well?

Without missing a beat, my younger brother mumbled, “Well, ya.”  (in a ‘no, duh, Emily!’ tone) Then he added with more confidence.  “If the snake spoke, they must have.”

My brother never ceases to amaze me.  He is very quiet about his faith (he’s also a quiet person by nature) but every once in awhile he shocks me with his keen perspective.

My teacher was shocked, as well.  He said he’d never thought of it before (and he’s very knowledged in the Bible).  We were sitting in my pastor’s office, which is literally bursting at the seems with hundreds of theology books.  Big fat ones, thicker than encyclopedias.  “You know,” he said.  “I bet not one of these books in this room even discusses that.  Just think of that!”

So, what do you think?  Do you agree?  In a perfect world, would animals really be talking with humans?

Another thought about all this:  the snake.  He was cursed to crawling on his belly.  So, what did he look like before?  I heard some believe the snake was originally the most beautiful creature, head of the animals (like the lion is, now).  How much merit do you believe there is to that?  And if there is merit . . . is that really “fair”?  Was it the snake’s fault Satan chose to speak through him?  Because if the snake did something to “deserve” it, somehow allowed Satan in . . . then wouldn’t animals be the ones to bring sin into the world, not humans?  Of course, then you get into whether or not it really matters, because animals aren’t like humans.  But if they don’t have a soul, are just dumb senseless beasts and they always were . . . well, then why would humans be communicating with them in Eden?

 Ya, I know I think way too much!  🙂  And, no, of course these kinds of questions aren’t “important”. It’s not like you’ll lose your salvation if you don’t understand animals!  But, in the same light, I can’t wait to get to heaven.  God and I are going to have a serious discussion about all the leads He never followed up on in His Book!

If Mondays can be happy, then I wish you the very best!



2 Responses

  1. I have once met a talking chimp, turned out to be one of my relatives. but packed just as venom as the serpent.

  2. lol. Aniche, ur blog reminds me of a cousin of mine. I love it!

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