Hillary just can’t escape!

Poor Hillary.  I mean it, too.  I can’t stand her politics, but it seems she has a foe that will not leave her alone!  And I don’t meet on the campain. 

I would take an educated guess that the hardest point in her life was the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  Her “dear” husband cheats on her publicly, and she stands up there by his side like the tough ice-queen she is and bears it.  I have no idea why, but she does. 

Yet she somehow moves on and conquers her mountain.  Fast forward to now.  Life’s gotten good, she’s doing wonderfully in the political scheme of things, family life at least has the appearance of being good . . . and BAM!  Just as she’s in the middle of her campaign to again transport her to the White House, sex scandal pops up again.  The governor of HER STATE involved in prostitution. 

Can you imagine what is racing through her mind right now.  She is one of the few people who could watch Governor Spitzer and know exactly–or nearly so–how his wife is feeling.  While the rest of us try rip him apart, and the media has a complete field day (“Woohoo, more scandal.  Think of how many viewers this will bring in!”) she can feel the pain of the woman left standing broken and devastated at her cheating husband’s side.  She knows just how much our vengeance-seeking, name-calling and righteous indignation will cost that completely innocent bystander.  Sadly, the person who was directly hurt the worst by all of this will continue to be so in order for us to get our justice.

And justice should be fought for.  I would never say anything less.  But let’s not make this any dirtier than it already is! Remember his family and their suffering!


2 Responses

  1. When I saw his wife standing by Spitzer, I wondered how she could do it. I admired the courage it took on the one hand, and on the other, I wondered, like you why she did it. Why not just leave him out there on his own. Let him do it without his wife for once!

    I don’t particularly what politicians do in their private lives. When it falls into the realm of illegality, though, the public has an interest. It’s not the sex we should care about, but the law. But most people will just remember the sex.

    What’s justice? Spitzer ought to resign because he was caught breaking the law. And because to refuse will cause more and more pain to those who least deserve it.

  2. I agree with you . . . and, as we now know, he did resign.

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