Letter to Obama

Dear Sir:

Your positive campaign has suddenly taken a cruel turn in the wrong direction.  I realize this may not seem fair to you.  Why should you be branded for someone else’s words?  It’s not like you can control what all your acquaintances say!  That has to be one of the most frustrating aspects of running for president!

However, I thought that maybe I could do some explaining.  You’ve only had hundred of people tell you this already.  Many of them more intelligent than I.  People who are experts in politics and analyzing and the like.  Then, of course, you’ve gotten the angry idiots who probably don’t even know why they’re angry trying to “reason” with you.  But I am neither.  So, here is the point-blank truth of why I–no one else, this represents only myself–have issues with both your pastor and your relationship with him.

First of all, let me say for the record that I, too, am a Christian.  Truly.  Not just in name, either.  No, my faith is a vital part of me.  So I can understand pastor relationships and pulpit slip-ups.  I can relate to people taking your faith out of context and condemning you for it.  I understand.

Has my pastor said things I disagree with?  Yes.  He is much more conservative than I and has warned against watching certain movies, listening to certain music and hanging with certain crowds.  I found error with his stance.  This is a very shallow difference of opinion, however.  No two people draw the line in the same place.  If my pastor ever dared to unapologetically claim, “God damn America!”, severe consequences would follow.  First of all, he would be removed as pastor.  If he wasn’t, I would leave and find another church.  There are plenty with good, strong leaders who I respect and trust as my spiritual guides. 

You say he’s a dear friend and like family to you.  This is supposed to make me feel better?  Until now, I was pretty confident that you were going to become the President.  You just seem to be more popular in the polls and have this life and fire so many politicians lack.  It outright scares me that, in days like these, full of terrorist threats and anti-American sentiments across the globe, that my own president–the President of the United States of America–is bosom buddies with a man who heatedly accuses our country of being exactly like the Al Quaida attempting to obliviate us!  A pastor who can’t comprehend the difference between America dropping a bomb to end a war we were justly fighting in at Hiroshima verses Muslim Extremists attacking us during peace time due to anti-American sentiments very similar to what this he preaches.  I honestly believe such a relationship should be severed.  If you truly love this country, stand up for it!  Defend it!  Otherwise . . . why are running for president? 

I know you try to stand for positive things like peace, unity, hope, etc.  But the president can’t live in some fantasy world wearing rose-colored glasses.  You can’t shake Osama bin Laden’s hand, smile and say that all is forgiven.  World peace would be great, but seems to be little more than a fantasy.  The president of the United States has more enemies than friends.  He needs to stand his ground, be blunt and opinionated.  He can’t just give eloquent speeches. 

This isn’t about race.  I don’t think every black preacher is saying the things Reverend Wright did from their pulpits.  I couldn’t possibly judge that, because I know very little about black churches.  I’m assuming that, like the church’s in my area of the world, each one is different; no two are really comparable, even if their theological views are similar.  So I have no issue with his skin color or yours.  If he were white, I would still feel the exact same way. 

But, back to Reverend Wright’s statements . . . can you tell me why?  Even if they were taken out of context, even if we’d have understood if we’d heard the whole sermon . . . I still can’t fathom why he said phrases like ‘God damn Amerca’.  In no fathomable circumstance should those words be uttered.  Context or no.  And furthermore why did the audience cheer?  Has he captivated them so much they no longer listen to what comes out of his mouth?  Has he become Christ to his followers, and they’ll support everything that comes out of his mouth?  Is he like that to you??   Is this why you will not disown him?

I mean, c’mon.  America planted AIDS in Africa to start a genocide?  Good grief.  That’s a laughable statement.  I don’t believe it’s possible to track down such a widespread disease to a starting place, but let’s just pretend it was.  And let’s pretend it really was a white American who infected the country.  Are you telling me that it was a hateful American plot???  One man doesn’t represent our country’s motives anymore than Reverend Wright represents all black ministers.  This is pure foolishness! 

Well, I hope I have explained my views frankly enough.  I also hope this comes across as respectful as it’s meant.  Your positive, hopeful campaign does have a great message.

Sincerely Yours,

Emily Grace


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