My REAL EASTER MIRACLE (and I’m not talking about Jesus)

. …..“It makes me think of the movie Steel Magnolias. They took the diabetic off of life  support there, too.  I only wish my story had a different ending than that one.  .  .” 

……This is a clip from part 1 of this story.  You’ll need to read it for this to make sense, because I’m not taking time to do much explaining in this post!

I was waiting for her to die.  I was getting frustrated with God for drawing this out.  I had mentally prepared myself for her death, I was ready.  In my mind, she was already gone.  Dead.  Off of the earth and in the arms of Jesus. 

I got the story in snips and pieces, but will tell you the whole of what happened.  It seems that one of the hospital’s pastors was making his rounds on her floor.  His name is Pastor John and, though I’ve never met him, in my mind he’s a cross between mighty John the Baptist and righteous Apostle John, the Disciple Whom Jesus Loved.  Although I know it isn’t true, my mind credits him with raising my dear family friend from the dead. 

He walked up to the bed, leaned over her and said, “Hello, Trudy.”

And just like that, without any warning, she opened her eyes and said, “Hi.”

Since then this lady who was said to have severe brain damage due to very bad seizures has wiggled her toes, recognized everyone, and said phrases such as:

“I’m glad your here.”– to her weepy niece, which I’m sure only turned up the waterworks

“Thanks for the flowers.” — to her close friend, the same lady who found her and rushed her to the hospital

And then there’s my personal favorite.  Her father is old and ill and couldn’t make the trip up to see her, as her parents live several states away.  But he got to talk on the phone with her and when he asked if there was anything he could do, she replied:

“Ya, send some money.” 

🙂  Glad to know she still has her witty sense of humor.

These things from a lady who is supposed to be dead.

My aunt (Trudy’s sister-in-law) has had faith all along that Trudy would get out of this.  I was more skeptical, more practical.  When the doctor said, “There’s nothing we can do, it’s in God’s hands now”, well, first of all everyone was shocked that he included and credited God, because, well, be honest: how many of your doctors bring their faith into their business?  Secondly, those like me pretty much gave up. 

Ye of little faith.

When she started this miraculous turnaround, faith was again brought up.  The doctors were saying they’d never seen anything like this and they don’t know why she’s suddenly getting better. 

No more little faith.

Nope, now I’m trusting God.  I may be speaking too soon, she could take a turn for the worst.  But for now I’m thanking God for my family’s Easter Miracle and trusting that He has a plan.

And, a note for the religious skeptics, we took her off life support, but that didn’t matter to God.  Why?  Because we, as humans, can’t play God.  We can sure try, but never succeed.  Trudy will never live a day over what God has planned for her . . . but neither will she live a day under.  No matter what we humans do down here.


Emily Grace


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