Connect the Dots!

Acne.  It’s a curse.  If you’ve dealt with it, you know.  This is obviously from a female’s perspective, but the dreaded stuff makes you want to crawl somewhere and hide.  You swear that all people see when they look at you are pimples!  In desperation you try to erase them from your skin, but they keep surfacing.  Nothing works.   Advertisements mock you by claiming they have that “one” product that will actually work and you spend a pay check and a half on all the different lotions and sprays . . . none of which work, of course.  Your skin gets dried out, it’s unaffected or it just gets worse!  Then, of course, none of your friends ever have this problem. Noooo.  That would be too fair!  You battle this one alone. 

Now, I am relieved to say I have finally reached the far side of my Acne-journey.  The dreaded stuff no longer permanently mars my skin; instead it “only” fights for possession.  I now struggle to just stay ahead of it.  I succeed fairly often.  It’s only once a month I struggle (figure out why on your own, it doesn’t take a genius.)  Sadly, you think once you’ve popped them, you’re good and done.  But it always happens that you left just a trace of bacteria still in your skin, even though you squeezed that pimple till you bled and the pain sent tears down your cheeks.  So you wake up the next morning and…surprise!…the white puss has surfaced again!

You go on with your day, feeling it growing and wincing if you move your face the wrong way.  You avoid mirrors on purpose, convinced that it’s the size of an ostrich egg and all your friends are talking about it. 

Pretty pathetic, huh?

But then, at long last, it dies and you hurriedly rush to keep ahead with your cleansing routine.  Your sure you can keep any from ever surfacing again.

But it’s like a boomerang.  You can throw it as far as you like, but the beasts will keep coming back!


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