Party it up!. . .or not.

So, today at school I was told two separate stories of people and parties.  I found this ironic, so thought I would blog about it.  The moral of this post?  Umm, I’m not really sure.  Never throw a surprise party, maybe? 

Party #1.  There was this High School girl who was always talking about being “pure” and had a firm belief on purity.  However on her 17th birthday, when her parents were out on a business meeting, she and her boyfriend had sex.  Afterwards–still naked–they rushed into the basement, because she forgotten to take her mother’s good sweater out of the drier as she’d been asked.  But wouldn’t you know it?  Her parents weren’t at a meeting, after all.  The two were shocked at the sound of “surprise!” coming from every end of the room.  Her parents and peers weren’t the only ones who learned a lot about her that night . . . she learned a lot about herself, as well.  And, supposedly, after that she really did get back on track and stick to her “pure” thesis.  (Well, after that, who wouldn’t?!)

Party #2.  This is a true story that happened to someone living in my area.  She’s a couple years younger than me and, though I don’t personally know her, we’ve seen each other many times, as she goes to my school.  This girl, who I’ll call Anne, has the sweetest, most considerate personality you’ve ever seen.  I don’t know where or how she got it, for she comes from what people derogatorily call a “difficult home situation”. 

This story takes place on her mother’s 40th birthday.  Anne wanted to throw her mother a surprise party, so she invited all her mother’s friends and got the whole shebang set up.  Her mother left to go with her boyfriend for awhile (I don’t know what they did) but their car got stuck in the snowbank on their arrival home.  Angry, Anne’s mother stormed in the house and took her frustration out on her young daughter. 

“This is all your fault” she yelled.  Supposedly, Anne’s insistence her mother go, and her coming up for the idea was to blame for a stuck car.  Her mother started swearing at her, and before poor Anne could say anything, out jumped the guests, not realizing that this wasn’t really a good time!

You’d think, if you were this mother, you’d feel guilty.  But no, poor Anne is then yelled at–to my understanding, still in front of the guests–for embarrassing her mother!  I think this is horrifying and sick.  How many people long for children, or are trying to adopt. . . and then you hear horrific stories like these of parents who don’t deserve the great kids they’ve got. 

But hey, maybe my original assessment was wrong.   Maybe surprise parties are good, because people’s true character is brought to light! 


11 Responses

  1. I like the blog. Hope you keep at it 🙂

  2. Thank you very much for the compliment!! I definitely hope to continue. I enjoy it!
    ~Emily Grace

  3. Hey Girl,
    Sorry I have been out of the game for a while. Life. You think you are busy, wait till you have three kids, the youngest gets pnemonia, the other two get bronchitis, you get bronchitis and your wife (or in your case husband) gets a 1/2″ kidney stone that has to be operated on. Oh yeah, and you get a new dog, th van breaks and you take in a mom and her 3 girls whose husband started hitting the girls (not real dad). And you van breaks down and strands your wife and kids with your sister and her kid. And that was just the highlights. Anyway, I say all that to earn your pity and scare you away from marriage until you are 50. Sorry, that sounded all parental, bad habit I have!! Anyway, the first situation made me laugh and coffee now covers my keyboard (I will be sending you the repair bill) and the second made me angry, but, at the same time, being a parent is not easy. I don’t excuse her, but boy can I understand. Long day at work, your wife or husband (boyfriend in this case) is chewing on you, the bills are late, the car got stuck in a snowbank, etc… and you just loose it. I have had to apologize to my kids before when I have jumped to conclusions and disciplined them before knowing the whole story. Again, I am not saying she is Mother of the Year or anything, but we don’t know the whole story. Or maybe you do and the last 10 minutes were of no worth.
    Gotta Cruz,

  4. Yikes! Your family is in my prayers!! Wow. You have definitely earned my pity…but the scare tactic wasn’t QUITE enough, sorry. lol. I have too many uncles who have tried that MANY times…alongside threats of shotguns, etc. And don’t worry about sounding parental…I’m sure that once you become a parent, it’s kind of hard to avoid. 🙂

    It’s not my fault you’re drinking coffee by your computer in the first place!! 🙂 And you are right about Story #2. I know humans are humans and we will continue to sin and mess up as long as we’re on earth.

    Anyway, welcome back! Is your family getting any better??

    Praying for you!,
    Emily Grace

  5. NO! My son just got diagnosed with walking pneumonia. Apparently one of us is not learning whatever lesson God is teaching. Keep praying!!!

  6. I have been and will continue!! What’s the difference b/n “walking” pneumonia and “regular” pneumonia??

  7. And my Dad had a medium Heart Attack Saturday and is in ICU at our local hospital. He is doing well. Almost lost him though.

    I have no idea what the difference between walking and regular pneumonia is. I know walking is a less severe form. I think they add walking because you are able to function and “walk” I may be wrong though. My wife is the medical expert.

  8. Oh, no! I will continue to pray hard that God will walk you through this valley swiftly! I’m glad you’re dad is doing better, but will continue to storm Heaven’s gates on his behalf! He pastors with you, right?

    May God give you all strength at this difficult time!


  9. Yes he does. We are Co-Pastors. He is doing a lot better today according to my Mom. My wife Amy and I are heading over there to see him in a few minutes. Thanks for your prayers.
    Also, I am reading an amazing book. It is called Check it out. It is written by a guy named James Alexander Langteaux. It is the second book, the first is called I haven’t read the first one yet but the second one is awesome so far. I HIGHLY recommend it. His writing style is a cross between poetry and a book. I don’t know how to describe it.
    Anyway, got to bath the kids and get one myself, I stinketh.

  10. Dad is home from the hospital. Looks like he will be ok. Keep us in prayer, he can’t work for 3 weeks. No work means no money. No money means bills don’t get paid. Pray God will do something amazing!

  11. I just did! I will continue to! I’m glad he’ll be okay!


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