That is SO overrated!

Help me fill in the blanks!   I have been getting ready for my graduation party that will be this May (YAY!).  As excited as I am to graduate, I have come to the conclusion that having 100+ people come to your house so that you can feed and entertain them for the ten or twenty bucks they throw in your card just simply isn’t worth it.  I’m not even done with my education yet!  I still have four + years of college!  The money spent on the party would have much better use towards that.

In that mood, my intent was to write a list of top 10 overrated traditions we have in our world.  However, it’s late (I’m writing this at 11:00 p.m. on the 2nd, not the 3rd, as the date says) and I’ve been busy as heck the past couple of weeks.  I know it’s a bad excuse, but I’m just not very creative right now. 

So I’m asking for help.  If everyone who reads comments with at least one thing they think is completely overrated in life, then I’ll choose my top ten and complete my list!

 My top 10 over-rated activities:

10.  Graduation Parties

As you can see, the list is pretty pathetic right now.  So, please help!!  I’m sure you can think of even better things than simple grad parties…so maybe you’ll even bump my original idea off the list!

Kudos in advance! Will post the list when I have enough comments!



One Response

  1. 9. College- not saying your shouldn’t go, but remember, you are being taught by people who either have never done what they are teaching or who did it so long ago the job is completely different than it was 42 years ago.

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