Political tables are turning . . .

After waiting 18 years all I get to vote for is old-man McCain??  I have been looking forward to being able to vote since . . . well, forever, I guess.  I come from a family of strong politics, but even more important, in my eyes, is to have strong patriotism.  There is a difference, but that’s another post . . . maybe tomorrow.  This post is my political venting.

I feel betrayed.  John McCain??!  The guy is 71 years old!  He’s not actually conservative and, forgive me for showing my youth here, but he’s just plain boring.  If he becomes president, listening to the State of the Union Address will be pure torture.  I may just skip it each year.  I’ve heard enough monotone mumbling from him, while his Barbie-of-a-wife stands by his side looking bored to death and out of place.

Obama I enjoy.  He stirs a fire in my soul, rousing my patriotism.  He may just be a good actor, but he gives the appearance of caring, he’s positive and happy . . . and is someone I can’t vote for.  Why?  Because my conscience won’t let me.  I disagree on his issues and issues is what voting is about.  I am pro-life, believe in low taxes, and think pulling out of Iraq before this war is won will have grave consequences.  That pretty much cancels out an Obama vote.  Sadly, this means that I’m not voting for the Republicans, I’m just voting against the Democrats.  I feel like I no longer have a vote.

Earlier, when John McCain officially became the Republican nominee, I decided that he didn’t have a chance and knew that Obama would win.  I said several times as I heard the democrat speak, “There’s the next president of the United States. ”  He was unbeatable.

Now I see hope.  Although I don’t think it matters in the democratic primaries, things–such as the Wright controversy, are beginning to come up and I’m thinking John McCain has more of a chance.  Will he win?  Not necessarily.  But at least it won’t be an embarrassing shut out! 

If the democrats don’t elect their delegate soon they’re going to lose voters!  Anyway, this post would get negative five stars for being an accurately written political post, since I gave no details or information, but as I said before, this was just my venting post.

I miss the good republican candidates:  Huckabee and Romney.   


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  1. Hi Emily………My , that was a predictable post 🙂 You could do talking points for the right 🙂 Anyway, I am sure your parents were Republicans, and their parents before them and your children will be. The sad truth is that most “Christians,” who vote Republican are republican by philosophy and not by convicition, at least not Holy Spirit conviction(who cares nothing for politics by the way) You class Mr Romney as a good Republican, yes you are probably right, he was a man who would have said anything and changed any policy in order to get power. I will say this for John McCain, he knows what he believes. Check out this post…..

    You can also find my post on Dr Dobson…..


  2. I’m completely disgusted with Limbaugh…and Dobson…Coulter I’ve never listened to, I’ve heard how divisive she is and it turned me off. Hannity is the only one I have to disagree with. Mainly because I love watching Hannity and Colmes…I think they’re hilarious, yet accurate. Plus you get both sides of the issue right up front.

    People think Dobson is kin to God, whereas I think he’s a narrow-minded pastor who is too conservative for his own good. Disagree about one leg in the world and one out thing, tho, b/c I think the opposite: he’s not realistic enough to be dealing with this world’s problems.

    Limbaugh I’ve disliked since I was a kid. You could ask my mother, I would wine and complain whenever she listened to him (which was only during politics season) b/c all he does is spew hatred for liberals…which is what the liberals do,too, at conservatives, so we’re all guilty. People need to stand above that junk.

    As for a republican family: guilty as charged. I DID go through this stage of ‘I’m not a republican, but independent’ b/c I’m all for split-ticket voting. It’s not about partisanship, but issues. Then I realized I was just doing it to sound politically correct. I’m not independent, b/c the abortion thing is a big deal to me and, at this time in history, that means if I want Roe v. Wade overturned I will need to vote Republican. I know where I stand on issues, so I can’t pretend I’m middle of the road.

  3. I am not sure that you have grasped the philosophy part. Here’s the deal Emily. According to Barna(christian stats guy that most pastors quote) almost 90% of professing Christians have never saw anyone come to Christ through their personal sharing. If every Christian led one person to Christ, and that one person led one person, in less than three years everyone would be Christians. There goes your abortion problem. Can I guess your response? “Thats not very realistic,” its usually what religious people say(jury is still out on you missy 🙂

    If politics were the answers to the soul problems of the world then Jesus should have came and started a political party, He did not. The political powers are secular. Its not the politicians problems. If their are problems with America, its the American Christians problem. If we are the light of the world and the world has gotton darker, then darkness is the absence of light. “If my people, who are called by my name, would turn from their wicked ways, then I would hear them from heaven and heal their land.” My people Emily, their wicked ways Emily. I get bored when religious people remind me of how bad the world is, “yeah, no kidding, now tell me something I do not know.” Here is what I do know “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotton Son…………..”

    Hannity is a divider. He finds wedge issues and rams the wedge in and divides people, and he does it for money and ego. He is a Limbaugh wanna be 🙂 Quite sad. Apart from the Clinton years, this country has been all Republican since Reagan. Almost 30 years and no closer to Roe v Wade. Time for the Christians to put all their trust in God, and Him alone and not in man…………………………………Frank

  4. I agree with Frank on this one. I still say you should vote your convictions, but if we as Christ-followers spent more time reaching people with the love of Christ and less time politicking we wouldn’t need to politic. Jesus stayed out of politics completely. Anytime He was asked a political question He sidestepped it or answered it quickly and moved on and went spiritual. Again, not saying bury your head in the sand, but don’t get to concerned with who wins, ultimately God is in control.

  5. I’m not sure where, in my admitted “venting” post, there was the weak link that suggested my faith is based on the elections. I’m disgusted with the Republicans for bad strategy in picking a nominee that has a small chance of winning. I’m not saying McCain WON’T win, but he’s just less popular and this time in history is maybe the only one where Roe v Wade could be overturned, due to old/retiring judges. Maybe not this presidency, maybe the next; but soon.

    Having said that, I WILL NOT FREAK OUT if Obama wins…Hillary, maybe 🙂 but not Obama. I have said good things about him…or negative things in a postive way, all along. Because I like the guy. I do not believe that Christians have to be republican. That’s ridiculous. God is and always will be in control and he can use a democrat as well as republican.

    As for Jesus and politics….Jesus did not live in a democracy and he had a mission he was sent to do: save the world. He had no say in his politics accept that he said to ‘render unto caesars what is caesars’. The Bible also says to honor your king. (in our case, gov’t). So I will totally accept whoever wins fairly, that is why I love democracies.

    I will not sidestep poltics b/c of my faith. Many, many, many people have died and sarificed more than we can fathom so that we can have a say in our gov’t. You have no right to complain if you are not excercising your say.

    Abortion is a touchy issue. Everyone becoming Christians wouldn’t necessarily solve it; modern-day Christians can rationalize anything they want, if you haven’t realized. (which I’m sure you have). Christians have had abortions. In some cases, I can totally understand why. If I had a husband and two children and was told my life was in jeopardy due to my unborn child. . . I’d have second thoughts myself before leaving my widowed husband to raise our now-motherless kids. I believe God is in control and has a purpose for all things; so I don’t know if I’d actually have an abortion in that situation, but I certainly am not about to judge someone who has made that choice.

    I hope this helps explain my side better. If not . . . than hey, keep posting replies! 🙂


  6. Hi Emily

    Seems like you are sending mixed messages. The abortion issue is so important to you, but you would consider having one yourself. now, I admire your honesty, but I am not sure I see the difference between you and someone from the world. Your rationale makes perfect worldly sense, but a Christian is not of the world and is called to be “peculiar.” If a Christian will not die for what they belive in, who will?

    I disagree with your assertion that everyone becoming a Christian would not solve the problem. That is not the solution that I am putting forward, I know that many sre claaed but few are chosen and few are those who find the narrow road that leads to life. I do think that your comment tells me a lot about the kind of Christianity that you know. Of course when I say “becoming a Christian,” I am talking about the Biblical notion of Christianity, radical and sold out, not the modern worldly notioon of the religious, nominial Christianity which is no Christianity at all.

    The difference between the nominal is that they will follow the trends of the world, so some would die rather than have an abortion, most would not. Radical Christianity will always follow the Lords lead ultimately, regardless of the cost, even if it means their lives. Are they the few, the minority? Yes, but isnt that what the Bible teaches? I would rather die and be in the minority and on the narrow path, than live and be with the majority on the broad path……………………..Frank

    ps I do like your honesty Emily and you do show wisdom beyond your tender years 🙂 Now you need to figure out if it is the wisdom of the world or the other world.

    pps good to hear from you Shawn, it is nice that we agree 🙂

  7. Haha, I was going to comment about the two of you agreeing before, too, but I forgot. Who’da thought?? 🙂

    My problem, Frank, is that you and I seem to be in agreement, too. So I don’t know what the issue is. You know very well I didn’t say I WOULD have an abortion in that situation. I said it was a circumstance I understand. That I’d have second thoughts were it me, too, but that I ultimately believe in God’s control and purpose. However, I don’t actually think I can predict my actions in any kind of radical, traumatic circumstance, so I won’t pretend to. I’m sorry if it was confusing, I just wanted to clear up my thoughts on abortion to anyone reading this post, because I didn’t want a misunderstanding of me being a huge anti-abortion hater. I think it’s wrong, but circumstances such as life of the mother, I understand. I probably should have explained this in my last post, but that was written this morning in a 7 a.m. morning fog, rushed with my mother yelling at me to get ready for school. 🙂

    I don’t believe in judging. Period. It’s God’s job, not mine.

    My religion is not merely what I’ve been taught, moreso it’s my rebelling against the ultra-conservatism that I’ve been taught. I decided to research for myself and actually disagree with most of my friends and family. Some of it, however, yes, is what I have seen in them.

    Thanks for the compliment. Honesty is what I’m going for!

  8. Emily said ” so I don’t know if I’d actually have an abortion in that situation, but I certainly am not about to judge someone who has made that choice. ”

    That was a confusing statement to me, so I am glad that you cleared it up. Sometimes I think we go a wee bit too far in trying to get close to and accomodate those of the world. I agree with the statement about the life of the mother for someone who is not in Christ.

    There are some things I think we can boldly proclaim that we would never do and its not being judgmental or hating anyone. For instance, I can boldly proclainm, that under no circumstaces would I ever rape someone. I could also boldly proclaim that I would never murder someone.

    And so on and so forth. That does not mean that we cannot sympathise with someone who has had an abortion, in fact I had a very close friend of mine, from my unsaved days, write me a letter a couple of years ago and tell me how she had an abortion and that she was devastated, in fact, she had to be dragged out of the place because she was screaming at the realisation of what she had just done.

    She was a poster child for anti-abortion movement(of which I am not a part) My heart was broken for her, she bought into a lie and will now probably pay a heavy price for the rest of her life.

    We are called to judge our brothers and sisters actions, we are not called to judge the world. ..Frank

  9. Amen, Frank. Amen.

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