Oh, cry me a river!

Tears are the safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid on it.   ~Albert Smith

I have no idea who Albert Smith is, but he ‘hit the proverbial nail on the head’, as they say.  I’ve been sick for the past three days with a bad cold, struggling for sweet breath to run through my nostrils.  Finally yesterday I accomplished that.  I still stayed home from school, as I wasn’t quite up to par, but my day was amazing.  I didn’t accomplish much till evening, but just relaxing and thinking, praying and pacing while talking to myself felt so great!  Yet, for some odd reason I was so emotional.  I don’t even know why!  You have to understand me to realize how odd this is.  When I get worked up I get angry, I may yell or write to vent my feelings.  But cry?  Not me.  I mean, c’mon–I watched The Notebook dry-eyed!

But man, yesterday I cried THREE SEPARATE TIMES.  I was feeling overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done for graduation, I was thinking of the ton of changes that happened in the past couple of years–and will next year, and, for some odd reason, I was missing my mom.  Weird part?  My mom hasn’t been gone!!  I was watching TV for awhile and a mother and daughter were embracing and I just started crying!  My mom had gone to a doctor’s appointment, so she wasn’t in the house, but I see her every day!  Besides that, I’m a HUGE daddy’s girl.  Usually it’s my dad I long for.  But I was so worked up I just had to cry.  And when my mom got home, I talked of all that we had to do still and–you guessed it–started crying all over again. 

Is there anything more comforting than a mother’s arms?  I can’t think of anything.  She “made it all better” and now I’m back to my normal self, feeling a tad embarrassed. (But not too embarrassed, obviously, since I’m blogging about it  🙂  )  Most of it was even happy tears!  Reminiscinig tears!  But for some reason, they needed to leak yesterday.

It reminded me of this video, which I thought I’d share.  Yep, this explains today! 

(Note: If you aren’t a fan of Dane Cook and his language, you may not want to watch!  Especially if you don’t have 9 minutes to waste!)


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