I can’t see

I feel so blind, so lost.  I’m groping about in the dark, hoping for my hands to latch on to something solid and sturdy.  I’m falling down into a hole; an abyss.  I don’t understand.  I don’t fathom.  I can no longer feel.  It’s like my insides are completely parched.  They’re so dry . . . but I can’t find water, can’t find satisfaction or peace.  I can’t come to terms with anything. 

I need an outlet, but what?  I want to scream; I want to cry; I want to bleed.  ANYTHING to purge from my soul this nasty, lazy disappointment.  What will make it ooze out? Nay, not just ooze.  I want my floodgates opened so this will rush out fast and swift. 

Why can’t we control our feelings?  Does anyone have tips?  Why can’t our hearts accept the dish life gives us? What’s with the bumps and bends on the road of life?  Easy coasting would be nice on occasion!


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