science . . . blah.

Well, I am off to school.  Today I get to go on a type of field trip for Environmental Science.  This is not like when you were in gradeschool and lived for fieldtrips. . . in those days they were even better than recess.  No, this requires work.  What kind?  Ha.  Let me explain.

I, along with my group of five girls, have to pretend we want to build an imaginary ATV trail.  Even though this trail is supposed to cross through agriculture land and residential areas,  we are presenting it to our “local boards” or DNR for approval and a permit.  As a farmer’s daughter, I think this is the most foolish thing imaginable.  No farmer would ever let you put a trail through his field.  The danger and liability would be far too high.  And who wants people walking through their back yard??

I’m not an environmentalist by any means.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s important and we should take care of it, but I only took the class because it’s easy and I needed one more science.  Chemistry or Environmental? Hmm .  . . it wasn’t that hard of a choice!

So, wish me luck.  Besides presenting we’re going to different “stations” that are set up at this place where our group is quizzed on our knowledge of different animals and their habitat, soil formations and types, etc.  My group knows nothing.  We took a test on it, but we’re all in the same boat:  we never remember what was on our tests!!

Oh, did I mention this was a contest between other schools??  Yikes!

Wish me luck,



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