Just Imagine

Just imagine . . . . you lived by yourself in this vast world.  Not a soul save you.  And you don’t have a “normal” body: no eyes, ears or nose.  No legs.  Instead, maybe you had a tail.  And horns.  (not like devil horns, more like a bull).  And say your stomach was shaped different.  Maybe like an hourglass?  Wide at both ends by slim in the middle.  And for feet you had duck fins.  But yet, you hated water. 

What are you?  You’re some morphed freak of all mammals.  You eat through a long snout like an anteater.  You have no hair or fur, but are as slippery as a whale. 

So, now you are alone and ugly.  That’s a pretty tough spot to be in.  You may search the world for signs of life–any life–but all you find that breathes are plants.  And that’s not a good thing, because you eat plants.  Technically, they’re your prey. 

You, as a person, nay, as some kind of breathing entity, need someone to share your load.  You need companionship! (Well, hey, don’t we all?)  Where will you find it?  Who will be your friend? 

Even further, how will you reproduce?  And what will become of the world when you die?  Who will need it?  Is it holding on just for you?  When you leave this world, will it dissolve into thin air and civilization officially end?  That’s a heavy responsibility for your poor shoulders! (Which, by the way, are shaped like a horse’s haunches.  🙂  )

So, how do you save the universe?

No, seriously.  Have you readers ever heard of “chain stories”.  One person starts and another adds onto it, then another, then another?  I did a pretty big chunk, but I needed to in order make the setting.  Someone else, feel free to take up section 2 on your blog!  Just please leave a comment saying you are, so I know and anyone else who wants to participate.  (We don’t want 5 section two’s)


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