A new experience

I got to register for classes at my college yesterday!  It was my first time signing up for college and was SO EXCITING.  I was disappointed that some of my classes I wanted were full, but I guess I’ll just take them next semester.  Now I’m all excited to go to college.  I’m even more ready to be done with this joke they call High School.  I always thought I’d hate my freshman/sophomore years of college due to generals–why am I re-taking everything I just spent four years of High School learning?–but actually, due to taking College in the High School and Post Secondary Enrollment Option, I have some core subjects out of the way (like English 101 and math) and other generals I can take fun and interesting classes on.  For example, I had to take a “critical thinking” course and one of them was Musical Thinking and the effects on our culture.  I can’t believe that’s a CLASS.  I hope it’s really as interesting and fun as it sounds.  I love education and I love learning, and it was SO encouraging to be able to get interested in it once again.  Man, this Senior Slums stuff really kills.  I want to learn something interesting and useful again, not the same ol’ same ol’ crap that leaves me lazy and bored.  I’m totally ready to move into my dorm–that I don’t yet have–tomorrow. 

But I still have to get through this summer, first.  It’ll be a good summer, though.  I’ll keep busy and I have a lot of fun with my summer jobs.  This year I’m going back to my Bible camp as Media Coordinator.  So, just a warning, you’ll probably hear a bunch of stuff about that.  You’ll get all my cute stories kids do and stresses and pictures, etc.  It’ll be fun.  I’m also hoping to do some Freelance Writing.  This week I’m having a friend design business cards for me to send out.  I’m realistic enough to know that, as my first attempt, I won’t get too much publicity and work, but I have to start sometime.  Why not now?

And, back to my college register . . . the best part is that I have no morning classes and Friday is completely empty!!!  As a High School-er it’s hard to fathom such luxury, but I home schooled for four years and I remember having four day weeks one year.  It was pure bliss.  I actually learned more that year than I think I ever have. . . not necessarily because of the schedule, though.  It was just good curriculum–and the curriculum happened to give three day weekends.  What could be better?  I’m hoping that maybe I can use those Fridays to write. . . maybe I can keep my freelance business going, then.

Well, that’s my life.  Sorry I bored you with a journal entry, today.

Your Excited almost-college-student,



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