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Wright is Wrong!

Well.  It finally happened.  To be honest, I didn’t think it would.  But Barack Obama officially denounced the Reverend Wright.  It took him a month, some lost votes, some super-delegate concerns and a personal attack by the aforementioned reverend, but we now have a very decided rebuke from the presidential candidate. 

Part of me feels sorry for Obama.  I mean, he just severed a twenty year friendship.  After these words, there’s not much hope of reconciliation.  The other part of me wants to know why he finally did it.

I’m not a very trusting person. . . not just in politics, but life.  Ask my friends.  I’ve been burned before, so now I tend to doubt everything until there is proof.  I’ll wait for more to come out about this before setting an opinion in stone, but in all honesty, my gut reaction is: POLITICIAN.  It’s an attempt to gain more votes and get to the presidency.  Which, of course, makes sense, as that is his goal right now. 

But why did he wait for Reverend Wright to offend him–Wright called Obama a typical politician in his reaction to the offensive sermons–before he got upset?  Why does the personal affront seem to matter more than than the anti-Americanism?  Maybe it doesn’t.  I don’t claim to know what’s in his head or why Obama chooses to do what he does. 

But I do believe he did the right thing.  Now the question is: is it too late?


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