Work in Progress

More from my WIP, The Other Side of a Wheat Field.  Enjoy.  🙂

“My God, Lyn!  What happened to you?”  He hadn’t prepared for this.  Not in the least.  No, he’d been ready to storm in with guns blazing in righteous wrath to take his child—his child­­—out of her mother’s unbalanced society.  He’d been ready to slap this lady soundly for what she’d done to their daughter, to her family, to him.  But only figuratively speaking.  Now, looking at her, he realized he never would have actually struck her . . . especially not with the evidence that someone else had beat him to it written across the side of her face.  Maybe she’d deserved it.  Maybe he wasn’t the only person she had wronged.  But he still wouldn’t have literally hit her.  What kind of animal had she been working with? 

            She smiled sarcastically. “It goes with the business.” 

            He bristled at the reminder of what she was now and his anger escalated once again at what she’d done. “Well,” he snapped.   a little higher than the places of your body that I’d expected bruising on.”

            She quietly unfolded her body from the chair.  “Does it bother you, Ken?” she whispered. She slowly walked over to stand in front of him, her hips swaying provocatively.  She placed a solitary hand on his chest.

            Repulsion shot through him.  What did she think she was doing? 

            “You disgusting slut!” He shoved her hand away.  “I want my daughter now, then I’m taking her out of your life forever.”

            Finally he saw emotion flicker in her eyes.  It only lasted for a brief second, but it was there.  That cry of despair and fear.  Somehow it relieved him.  It made him believe that maybe—just maybe—she’d at least tried to protect their daughter. 

            Then the hardness came back.  She whirled from him.  “You think you’re so mighty!” she spat, still turned from him. “That you can just shimmy in here after six years and take her from me.  She doesn’t know you.  She’ll be alone and scared— ”

            “No more than she is with you and your little lovers!”

            “I’ve done my best, Ken.”

            “Your best? Good Lord, I’d hate to see your worst.” After a beat he continued, “I’m going to call the Social Worker in now.”

            Kenny moved toward the door to the waiting room where the prim lady waited with little Sarah.  Suddenly Lyn was in front of him, her back resting against the door, blocking his retreat. He rolled his eyes.

            “Move, Lyn.” 

            Her expression had moved now to that of a petulant child ready to beg.  “Please, Ken, I haven’t even discussed what I wanted to with you.”

            “There isn’t anything to ‘discuss’, lady.  I shouldn’t have even agreed to this meeting with you.”

            She dived in. “Ken, I don’t want to lose my baby.”

He shook his head at her audacity, his hands on hips. “What part of ‘we’re through discussing’ did you not understand, here?”

            She ignored him and continued. “Take me with you.”

            That he couldn’t let pass. “What? Are you out of your fuckin’ mind?  After today I don’t plan on giving you the time of day.  This little ‘chat’ we’re having is courtesy of the social worker, but you and I are done after this.  Do you hear me, Lyn?  I said done . . . just like the past six years of our lives.  No contact whatsoever, not even remembering the other exists.”

            “I never forgot you existed,” she said quietly.

            “That’s because you had a little reminder underfoot.”

            “So if you have her then you’ll at least be reminded of me?”

            He sighed.  “Ya, I guess.”

            “Then all I ask is that every time you see her, say a prayer for me—just a little one.  Please,” she begged.

            “A prayer? I find that sacrilegious coming from your lips.”

            “I know, but prayer is all the chance I have left, so it couldn’t hurt to try, right?”

            He suddenly realized what the problem was. “What are you scared of, Lyn?”

            The defenses came back up.  She stood straight. “Scared?  Me? Ha! You know nothing of what I’ve gone through.  I no longer fear anything.” 

            Now that she was ready to dismiss him, he couldn’t let her go.  “Don’t mess with me, Woman!  What’s going on?  Something’s up.”

She tried not to be drawn to his protectiveness. If this was what he was like when they were young, she finally realized why she’d been drawn to him.  But she had to fight it.  She couldn’t afford getting attached.  “Other than the fact you’re separating a mother and a daughter?”

            That was starting to get old.  “You know what, I really didn’t care anyway.  So forget it. Enjoy your life, Lyn.”

            He forcibly shoved her aside and disappeared through the door.

                                                            ~*~            ~*~            ~*~


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