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What are you?

(My friend) had said I didn’t really know what it meant to be “just a sinner, saved by grace.”   Did she mean…I was like that self-inflated Pharisee?  The realization was shocking.  Everybody knew the Pharisees were the self-righteous bad guys. 

   But it was true.  I was proud.  “Hey God, it’s me, Jodi the ‘good girl’!  God, aren’t you proud of me?  I’ve been married almost twenty years–unlike Ruth, who’s on her third husband, or Chanda, who has had kids by several daddies.  And thank You for my kids, off on their mission trip to build houses for Mexico’s poor–while Yo-Yo’s brother is sneaking off to those teen raves and doing who knows what.  You should be proud of me, God, because I know the Bible from cover to cover (even though I forget those pesky references).  And don’t forget, God, I’ve never done drugs like Florida or even smoked a lousy cigarette!  Have never forged a check like Yo-Yo…or played the stupid lottery like Chanda.  But I’m no fuddy-duddy, God–why I occasionally drink wine on special occasions, but of course I’d never get drunk…”

   But Jesus said that it was the OTHER man, the one who KNEW he was “just a sinner,” who went home forgiven.

                                             ~the Yada Yada Prayer Group(book 1) by Neta Jackson

Enough said!



2 Responses

  1. And yet all those “others” are part of what is destroying lives, don’t get me wrong I am not disagreeing, and certainly not with what Jesus said, I suppose the focus is what was the pharisee doing to reach out to the other guy? and…was he making religion unattractive to us lesser mortals? am I wrong to want religion to be desirable??

  2. Hey, thanks for your comment and honesty. No, I don’t think you’re wrong to wish that, but don’t hold your breath! 🙂 I don’t see that happening ever. The thing about religion, and what I was getting at with this clip, is that it focuses on how good you are. Essentially, it’s very selfish. Those “others” did wrong things, but think how much greater their joy in finding redemptive forgiveness?? When we act like we deserve it-even though we may deny we’re doing that, it takes the “amazing” out of Amazing Grace.

    Keep visiting!

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