Touch Ups

Wow, so I just re-read my last post . . . man, was I confusing!!! lol  I’ve also been reading other recent posts and have realized that my grammar and punctuation are getting really bad.  You poor people must think that I really don’t know how to write.  I do, I promise!  I just don’t blog that carefully, is all.  My entries don’t usually get edited with a final draft or anything. 

So, in case yesterday wasn’t clear, let me say it point-blank.  I mean, less is more, right??

I believe the Bible can be taught in public institutions as literature only.  If you want to learn about your faith, go to church!  That’s what it’s there for.  🙂 

So, moving on.  I’ve been overwhelmed lately with a tough decision.  I talked about it already in a previous post, called “Decisions, Decisions”, but here’s a little more detail.  I found out my church’s mission trip to Texas is the same time as a very important camp at my Bible camp, where I’m working this summer.  Both are really important to me.  Both I’ve spent TONS of time preparing for.  Both have people counting on me to go with them.  But only ONE seems to be where God wants me. 

The question is, which one?  It’s not like there’s a right or wrong reason.  They’re both wonderful ministries, great opportunities and learning experiences.  But I’m realizing that God has some deeper reason in this. . . maybe even something exciting . . . so that I have to choose.  And I want to choose wisely.  I want to go where GOD wants me. 

My youth director said to pray that God would reveal where I can be most useful to Him.  I was, but now I’m wondering if that’s inaccurate.  I could go on this mission trip, where we’re performing a Vacation Bible School for 200 kids and touch half of them in a skit or by spending time with them so they’ll always remember it.  Or, I could go to my camp, meet ONE boy with family problems and pray with him; give him the strength he needs or maybe even lead him to Christ.  It’s not about numbers.  Then, I realized that this was what my director was getting at all along.  She doesn’t think it about numbers, either. 

So, if you’re reading this and have a faith–any faith!–please say a prayer for me.  I’ve been praying “Guide me”, as I shared earlier, but I’m still not guided.  Right now, I’ll take any direction!  I mean, if you’re buddhist, go ahead and pray to Buddha for me!  lol  I’ll take whatever I can get.  But, really, that would be kind of counter-productive for you, wouldn’t it?  I mean, “Dear BUDDHA, please guide Emily to where the best place would be for her to share JESUS?”  haha.  I think that’d be awesome, but can understand why you wouldn’t.  🙂


Emily Grace


2 Responses

  1. I’m praying right now. So glad I found your blog today! Look forward to reading more soon.

  2. Thank you!! I appreciate it more than you’ll know.

    BTW, it’s YOUR blog I’m glad I found. I quoted/linked you in a post of mine a couple weeks ago in my post “Decisions, decisions”. (For some reasons I can’t link the post here. WordPress won’t let me. sorry.) Your post on praying phrases (ie “guide me”) is what I’ve been using to pray for this. I actually thought I commented on that post of yours, but when I went back to check, it seems I didn’t. So, anyway, thanks a billion!

    Emily Grace

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