Typical, I know.

Gee, I wonder what people will be blogging about today??  Not to be too un-original, but, ya, I’m gonna take the easy road and copy everyone else’s topic:  MOTHER’S DAY.

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.  To anyone reading this who is a mother, thank you for all you do. 

I don’t believe my mother reads my blog  🙂   but, in case she decides to today:  I love you, mom.  Have a happy mother’s day.  Kudos for ALL you do! 

Now that I’m 18, there are even more things I’m discovering that moms have done for us.  How does that old country song go?  “The hand that rocks the cradle, moves the world.”  VERY TRUE.  Now that I have my own license, it has hit just how inconvenient it is to chauffeur your kids all around. . . multiply that by the number of kids and it equals a mother without her own life.  I can’t cook.  (I’m gonna have to find a guy who can, sadly.  He’ll starve if he depends on my burnt/undercooked/over-baked/over-mixed stuff that was supposed to be food.)  It makes me love my mother and her willingness to stop what she’s doing an hour before supper to whip something together for us.  It also makes me appreciate her when she DOESN’T do that and tries to teach me to make it myself. 

It was my mother’s image of sitting in the chair with her Bible in her lap that led to my desire to live with a faith like she does.  Now that I’m older, we differ on some issues, including those relating to faith, but I find that most of my rantings and tears of frustration find an encouraging home in her.  She also gives good advice.  Just yesterday, she basically made me start talking to her about my tough decision I talked of yesterday.  She knew it was bothering me.  She asked me questions that made me think and examine my decision at the right angles. 

I love listening to my mother play her guitar and sing.  The simplicity, love and faith in her sweet worship makes you want to cuddle up next to Jesus’ side and hum along.  Nothing showy, just authentic. 

So, what is it that YOU appreciate about your mother?? 


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