Chick post. Sorry. :)

I graduate from High School in a week and a half.  Between now and then I have countless evening engagements that come with being a High School graduate:  choir concert, baccalaureate, scholarship banquet, athletic awards (note: I’m not athletic, but my brother is, and I’ll go to watch him.)  Then, of course, we’re getting the house ready and the yard and all that good stuff.  So, my problem is WHEN DO I HAVE TIME TO FIND A DRESS???

To any guys crazy enough to click on this post after I gave you full warning in the title:  Don’t shake your head like that.  Clothes are very important to women.  No, it’s not crazy.  We aren’t the ones who need big cylinders coming out of our trucks! 

Anyway, ladies, as I was saying.  I ran uptown to our tiny clothing store and did find one.  It was PERFECT.  The kind you can picture yourself in and say, “Now that looks like me.”   Black.  Elegant.  Halter top.  Form-fitting around waste.  Gentle knee-length skirt. 

Ha. Then I got to the dressing room.

Their smallest was at least two sizes too big.  Great. 

If worse comes to worse, and I don’t get shopping, I could just throw on nice pants or do the skirt/shirt thing.  But I don’t have that many dresses and was really looking forward to getting one.  I need it to double for my cousins’ wedding, too.  I’ll be playing violin at it in August. 

An interesting note about dresses nowdays, I’ve found in past searches I’ve been doing for this occasion:  our culture is going casual.  Not that I mind it.  The dresses are still cute, but the material is rougher, the designs are fun and loud, they hang straight like maternity clothes. . . stuff like that.  It makes it difficult to find a stylish, elegant dress. 

And tell me this: what’s with the maternity look?? Digress from dresses for a moment.  Babydoll shirts?     You’ve seen ’em.  They were in style when my grandmother was young.  They’re nice for hiding in, don’t get me wrong.  We maybe needed ’em.  (Again, crazy male readers, you really don’t understand the art it is for women just to dress.  We can totally let our bodies go and no one would notice because we’re such great dressers.  🙂  )  But I really don’t have a strong desire to look like I’m pregnant!  If you could invent babydoll jeans, so we could make our hips look smaller, that’d be great.  That I could use.  Just gonna throw that out there.   🙂

So, anyway, I hope I’ve found sympathetic ears.  I really want to find my dress. 






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