Graduation is one week from Friday.  In eight days I will walk down to Pomp and Circumstance with my classmates and receive my diploma.  So, of course, at my house, things are hectic as we get ready for the Open House.  My mom is going to be making mints and needed something that showed our class colors so she could compare how close she got.

Our colors are black and lime green.  I went to my room to get my lime green sash for her, but–ahhh–it wasn’t where I left it.  My gown, cap, tassel were all nicely piled on my desk. . . but NO SASH!!

Who does that?  Who in this world actually LOSES part of their graduation gown????  I mean, I know I’m not organized, but that’s really bad.  I’m the kind of person who puts stuff in a safe place so she doesn’t forget where they are. . . and then I forget where that “safe place” was.  Sure, my bedroom is a mess, but I should still be able to find my lime green graduation sash!!

I’ve been looking, but it is seriously GONE.  What am I going to do for graduation?  I’ll be the only one up there without a sash.  Oh yes, this is just rich.

Maybe I never brought it home from school.  I’ll have to check my locker today.

Oh, how could I have done this?


One Response

  1. Good luck!
    Don’t trip and fall at graduation 😉 it’ll be on youtube the next day.

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