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Another “updates” post

I’ve been so busy getting ready for graduation that I’ve forgotten a ton of other things I’m supposed to be doing.  I had to apologize to one lady because I forgot to send her important information for my Bible camp . . . and I’ll have to apologize again b/c I forgot she needed pictures, too.  And get guess what else I forgot to be doing?

You.  🙂

I didn’t mean to stop blogging, I just. . . did.  Then it all of the sudden hit me, “*gasp* I haven’t written a blog entry for a few days!”  My intent is to blog daily.  Haha . . . not going too smooth. 

But I’m pleased that I have updates for you during my blogging lapse.  I found a graduation dress!! Yay.  My cousin took me shopping and we found a short black dress at Macy’s.  This one, to be exact:

You’ll get pics of it ON me from graduation. . . which isn’t until Friday, so you’ll have to wait.

Another update:  I FOUND MY SASH!!  As I explained in my last post, my sash for graduation was missing.  I’d been panicking for a couple days, and my friends were in shock, telling me to find it quick and how embarrassed I’d be to be the ONLY graduate not wearing one.  Then on, I think Saturday, I come into my room and my sash is EXACTLY  CLOSE TO WHERE I LEFT IT!!  It sounds suspicious, but it’s not.  My mom had found it behind my hamper.  She must have come to get my dirty laundry and do it for me (sweet of her, since I know she’s busier than I am) and–VOILA–there it lay.  So, she put it on my desk.  🙂  

Yet ANOTHER update (man, I’m just full of them today!).  I had asked for prayer regarding missions opportunities this summer.  Thanks to anyone who prayed for me.  I found my answer.  I’ll be going with my church Youth Group to La Joya Texas in June to do a V.B.S. program and some other stuff–not sure what it’s all going to entail, yet.  The answer came in a bunch of small ways and I kept saying, “Ya, but . . .”.  Then, finally, I caved while reading a book. (I became a Christian and all I got was this Lousy T-Shirt by Vince Antonucci.  It’s amazing; it’s changed my life.  Thanks, Shawn, for recommending it!)  It told this story where the author was asked to go on a missions trip that was at a really inconvenient time and how blessed it was.  That I just happened to read that now (I should have finished the book long ago, but I’ve been slow lately.  Go figure.) really opened my eyes, plus, like I said, so many little hints along the way. 

So, there you have it.  A recap of the important stuff of my recent estrangement from the blogging world.

Till Who Knows When,



7 Responses

  1. make sure to hang your graduation sash up before commencement or else it’ll be wrinkled!

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Puppet.

  3. Haha. Thanks for the honesty. It really didn’t have a point. My “updates” posts are just recaps on previous articles I’ve written, to tie up any loose ends. Plus I wrote this one engulfed in pre-graduation stress.

    My posts are not all like this. I promise. 🙂 So, please keep visiting!


  4. Hey,
    The dress looks elegant. Glad you found your stash, uh sash that was stashed! Thanks for the plug and I am glad you liked the book. I will be praying for your grad ceremony. I remember mine, way back and once upon a time. Lets see, that was 16 yrs ago. WOW, I’m old!

  5. HA. I didn’t look at the date. Wow, I’m about a year to late! “And I’m an idiot!!”

  6. Haha, It’s okay Shawn. No worries. That’s actually quite funny!

  7. Thanks, feel free to laugh at my follies and joke at my pain!! LOL!

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