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One more day!

Well, I have one day of school left.  Today is officially my last day.  Tomorrow I’ll only have to spend about two hours in the building during the graduation ceremony (I figured I better go; it’s kind of important.)  My picture above this is of my calendar.  The days have gone by so fast.  People told my they would, but I didn’t believe them.  I mean, when your actually there, going to High School, you think it’ll never end. 

Last night I attended my first baccalaureate.  It was horrid; I hated it.  I felt like I was at a concert to show off a hotheaded girl in my class who appointed herself in charge of everything–including bringing in her own band in to do the singing.  😦   Then, the pastor was extremely boring.  But beyond being boring, he made a HUGE mistake.  He referenced a previous graduate from our school who died in a car accident last week and insinuated how regrettable this boy’s choices were and how sad his story because he lived his life for the wrong reasons.  Now, I don’t know this kid.  Neither does the pastor.  You can’t say what was in his heart, what his feelings were about God.  We don’t know what happened before he died.  And how rude!  If you’re a pastor reading this:  DO NOT EVER DO THAT.  Do not use a real person that your audience KNOWS to make a point.  That is just crossing the line.  And of course, everyone heard it!  Why couldn’t they not have been paying attention at that point, like they were the rest of the sermon?!?  It’s embarrassing for me, as a Christian, to sit there next to someone who might not be, and thinks church is a boring, silly waste of time, and listen to that.  It’s embarrassing that they may think I agree, that one man speaks for all Christians. 


Thankfully, when our teacher got up to speak, he did a wonderful job, we all laughed and he was given a standing ovation.  He was the only good part of the entire service. 

Anyway, now I am off to celebrate my last day at a state institution for teenagers. I will enjoy it, though.  I’ll take pictures and laugh.  It should be fun.  But it’s kind of weird thinking “Hey, this is it!”

So, next week, when things settle down, I’ll be back to “real” blogging again.  I’ll write real essays on issues that matter to me.  I really can write about things besides myself and what’s happened to me lately!  I promise!  You’ll just have to wait till I have time and can actually get my  mind to dwell on another subject besides graduation!




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