Whitney Updates

Hello, everyone.  I’m staring at my computer screen thinking, “Gee, what should I write?”  All I really care about right now is Whitney and I don’t even have much news to tell you on that end.  Her parents are meeting with the head surgeon now, as I type this, and after a bit she’ll be taken into surgery.  The surgery will not be a “fix-all” surgery–they’re just going to deal with the major issure, and that is the oxygen problem.  They need to get her breathing on her own again, so she can get her own strength.

All things considered, she’s doing great.  Last night was a real encorouragement to the whole family.  Whitney was sleeping peacefully at Mayo and the doctors were very confident that this is fixable.  There are other little repairs she will need later on, but as for now, we are going one step at a time. 

I got to see a picture of her!!  Sorry I don’t have one to share right now.  Some friends of my aunt and uncle brought some over to my grandparents and we went there to check it out.  Oh, she’s adorable!  She’s a little dark beauty.  I totally fell in love with her eyes.  She has these little almond-eyes and, for right now, anyway, they’re such a deep, mysterious black that I just stare in awe.  Someday, you will be able to read her like a book simply by looking into her eyes.  I’m sure of it.

Keep praying for Whitney Marie!



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