You’re getting very, very sleeeepy

Hello.  I have returned!  My skin is peeling from my sun burn, my acne is starting to come out of hiding, and my sleeping patterns are all messed up.  Such are the sacrifices of vacations, I guess. 

I have learned a very valuable lesson, due to my trip, however.  There’s a reason the NyQuil bottle says, ‘Only take if you have 8 hours to devote to sleep.’  LOL

So, we’re driving in the 15 passenger van in the middle of the night and I’m all exhausted.  I craved sleep SOOOO bad.  Well, my friend had told me to chug some NyQuil to get to sleep; said it works like a charm.  But I didn’t take it until I was desperate, which was quite late. (I don’t remember exact time.)

So, I swallow some and eventually ebb into a hard sleep.  But in a matter of hours, wouldn’t you know it, the sun is high in the sky and we have a breakfast stop.  I groggily follow my friend out and we walk to the gas station, then across the road to McDonalds, where the rest of the crew is.

“Emily, are you a little tired?” One of the chaperones jokes at my blank-stare expression.

“I’m not tired,” I wail.  “I’m drugged.”

He burst out laughing. “That’s right!” he chuckles. “I forgot you drank that NyQuil!”

Afterwards (I didn’t eat), we loaded back into the van, and I immediately zonk out again.  Sadly enough, someone took a picture. (And I don’t have a copy.  Even if I did, I doubt I’d post it.)  My mouth was wide open.  Totally.  I was just stoned.

Throughout the day, I was random and my friends made fun of everything I said . . . even stuff I didn’t think was that funny.

So, I am warning you now.  Always read labels!!  If I had wanted to get hung over, I’d at least have had fun doing it!!



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