Peace, Bob

Are any of you like me in that you absolutely LOVE pulling off old books from your bookshelves and re-reading them?  I did that tonight with a spiritual book.  I read it about a year ago and it’s amazing.  Releasing the Rivers Within by Dwight Edwards is a great book that I totally recommend.  I met Dwight when he spoke up at the Bible Camp I was working at last year and let me tell you–he’s an amazing man.  There are very few people in the ministry that I sincerely like–especially “big name” people–but Dwight happens to be one of them.  I believe that God is truly working through him!

Anyway, I was going over all the highlighted parts that had meant so much to me the first time through and I found this letter he’d talked about.  This is a letter that was found by a man who was attending a Men’s Retreat with his church.  The letter had been placed in the man’s bed from someone in a preceeding group who attended the retreat.  This is amazing and I feel every Christian needs to read it!

Observations of a skeptic.  I don’t want to be told that God loves me or that Jesus loves me.  I want to feel that the people who call themselves “Christian” love me.  Then perhaps I can realize the love of God and the love of Christ.  I don’t want to be told about the love of God and then find eyes averted when I look straight at a Christian.

I want to see God’s love in eyes that are unafraid to look into mine, eyes that shine from a soul that is sincere.  I want to experience God’s love through a smile that says, “I love you, I accept you right where you are.  I want genuinely to be your friend, now and when we leave this retreat place.”  Then maybe I can begin to believe in that love from God through this strange Christ that Christians talk so much about.  And if I believe, then perhaps I too can live in love and give it to others.  And, you know, I think I did find some of God’s love here this weekend.  Be ready on your retreat to receive it, and be ready to give it.


Is that not amazing?



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