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Well, seeing as how this is supposed to be a writing blog, I guess I should give a writing post, huh?  It’s been way too long, I know. 

As I’ve stated before, I have a part-time summer job at my Bible camp, Lake Bronson Baptist Bible Camp.  This is my first summer working as their Media Director and along with my new job description came the responsibility of running the camps support group, called the 30/12 program.  I am in charge of sending updates and letters to our supporters about the camp. 

So while I was up there this week, I put together a letter and had a friend of mine edit it.  My friend is the camp’s assistant cook.  She’s a science genius who loves math.  She’s not an English-person in the least.  We always joke about how we make a good team: she takes care of those things, while I cover the English/history department. 

Here’s the sad thing:  she found several punctuation errors.  I couldn’t believe it.  Grammar and punctuation are things that I’ve excelled at.  I never memorized the “rules” because it all flowed pretty naturally for me.  Maybe I should have.  She had the rules down pat; she knew. 

My errors were all comma uses.  I don’t seem to understand when to use commas in regard to compound or complex sentences.  Sadly, I’ve never really paid attention to that.  But it really is something I better get down before I start college in a matter of weeks!!

Does anybody have any good sites that are punctuation tutors?? In all seriousness. . . I really need to fix this!


Emily Grace


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