do something . . . silly

I learned something new yesterday.  A man passed on the knowledge he’d learned about a certain word.  According to him–and him only, I haven’t had time to look this up myself, yet–the original meaning of the word “silly” meant “happy or gay”.  Whereas the slang term, that we use today, means “foolish.”

I love words and found this fascinating!  I wonder why the change.  Where in history did we flip-flop over to the slang term?

Think of some of the phrases we use it in.  They now have a double meaning.

It’s okay to be silly once in awhile.

Go do something silly.

Work yourself silly.

Don’t be so silly.

You’re so silly!

So, no matter what, whether you choose to be happy or foolish, do at least ONE silly thing to day!

Smiling Silly,



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