new page!

I just created a new page on here, called ‘My Cause’.  Go check it out and give me some feedback.  I know it may be confusing (and long!), it was a huge job to tackle; I’ll probably be revising it, eventually.  If it gets overwhelming, just scroll down to the bottom and check out the links I have posted. They’re way more interesting, anyway.  🙂

My cause is on Human Trafficking.  I’m comitted to spreading the word about it.  I’ve found, though, that it’s easy to do on here, where I don’t know anyone, but harder to tell my friends and family. My main issue is that everyone else will adopt it, then, and it won’t be “mine”.  I’m selfish like that.

But does that even make any sense??  The POINT of raising awareness is to get others involved.  I know I’m strange.  It’s just a phobia/jealousy I’ll have to conquer. 

I have a category on here labeled “human trafficking’.  Anything I find that’s “bloggable” on that subject will be filed there, so come around occasionally and click on it, if you’re interested.




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