Fireworks w/o the Works!!

So, my 4th of July was interesting.  We were supposed to take our annual trip up to Family Camp at the Lake, but a little fire decided to adjust those plans.

My grandfather burned some brush piles we had, thinking how cool it is to burn brush on the 4th of July (weird, I know.  It goes back to when he was a kid.)  Well, it caught fire to the woods, and he, my dad, my brother and my uncle spent the evening/night getting that under control. 

The title of this post comes from my brother’s description of it.  (The pic of the soot-covered legs is his.  It was bad.  They all reeked, too.) 

I hope nobody else had any similar misadventures on Independence Day!!

On a good note, however, I also had another baby cousin born yesterday!

A ‘perfect American Girl’.  Her folks don’t live near us, though, so I have yet to see her . . . and probably won’t for awhile.  But she’s hearty and healthy (as is mommy) for which I’m so thankful. 



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