In a matter of weeks, I head off to college.  Now, my desire for the past few years has been to buy myself a new Bible for college and use ONLY during my college years.  I was going to be very picky about it: translation, style, size, etc.  Everything about this Bible had to be perfect.  Because college is a big deal and can be difficult and I want to be able to look back and see how much of  my faith I gleaned from those years.

So, I am now on the hunt for this said Bible.  I’m really big on accuracy.  I have a paraphrased Bible (New Living) and I use it occasionally, but it’s not what I consider a great Bible for “studying”.  I love the New International version, and could get another of those and I have been studying New King James, which is definately ‘accurate’, but I’m looking for something different.  Reliable, fresh, new . . . but as close to the original translation as possible.

I found this Bible, which looks good.  It’s brand new: the English Standard Version Study Bible.  Actually, it doesn’t come out ’til October.  You can click on the link and read all about it; it seriously sounds perfect.  My only problem is the margins, which by looking at the preview picture, are tiny (if you look at it, remember the large center is where the fold/binding is).  Where will I write my thoughts/observations?!!

Another one that sounds great is the New Revised Standard VersionI can get it with the entire Catholic Cannon or what they call the “common Bible”, which will be a protestant Bible with the Apocrypha and some recognized Jewish orthodox books.  I’d LOVE that.  But I don’t think their study Bible comes with those additions, and, again, not much for margins.  😦   The ESV Study sounds like it had more to it, or at least newer stuff.

But I’m still looking.  Can any of you out there help me out?  What Bible do you use?  Any recommendations?


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  1. I always used an NIV, then switched to the New Living Bible when it first came out. I too am concerned about accuracy so I began looking for another Bible about 2 years ago. I didn’t do any research or anything- just kept an eye on the tiny shelf where they keep the Bibles at the BX. I was hoping for another NIV, but an English Study Bible appeared one day so I bought it. I’ve been using it ever since. I like it. It’s very similar to the NIV.


  2. Thanks for the tip!

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