writer’s cross #1


Sometimes I think writers are people who run out of good books to read and decide in desperation to write their own. (If that’s your game, beware: writing makes you a more discriminating reader, which correspondingly reduces the number of books you can bear to read.)”

—by Richard Rhodes, How to Write

Sadly, I can verify the truth of this quote fist hand. 😦   Being critical has a high price!  It’ll steal your joy of life.  Writing is a burdensome gift.  There are others I can think of, though.  How many musicians can listen to a performer just for pure enjoyment?  How many artists can sincerely compliment anothers work?  Twisted world, isn’t it??

p.s. more ‘writer’s cross’ entries to come.  This’ll be a new series of mine.   🙂


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