too much of a good thing?

Why are Americans so selfish?  What is it about our wonderful country that has turned it’s people into far-less-than-wonderful? 

Try eat this, for example:

I’m heading off to college in a little over a month.  My world has revolved around the awful hassle of college-prep.  There are tests to take, counselors to see, $$$ deposits to make, supplies to buy, people to meet, roommates to decide on.

I’ve complained about how stupid the whole system is . . . I mean, c’mon, when people go to college to GET DEGREES in how to counsel kids on the college entry process. . . that oughta say something. 

I went on a missions trip this past month (to Texas, so technically I stayed in America, but saw a very poverty-stricken section right by the Mexican boarder) and my friend went on one to Italy.  Here’s what we decided.

The less you have, the more grateful you are. 

I AM GOING TO COLLEGE!!!  There’s never been a question on it.  Everyone in America has the opportunity for a college education.  On her Italy trip, my friend met a boy her age who was so thrilled for her “opportunity” to attend a University. . . it was his dream to do so, but as of now he’s working in a factory doing hard labor that is literally breaking his back. 

So what if it’s a headache to make sure all the paperwork is in?  There may be no one in this country who can afford a college education . . . but there’s also no one in this country who CAN’T afford it.  The scholarships and loans given out nowadays enable everyone with a desire to be able to go. 

So why am I complaining?  (and I’m not the only one who does so!) I am starting down the road on my dream of becoming a published author!!  That’s EXCITING!!  Of course it takes effort, but doesn’t that make the end just that more dear??

I should have been able to see that earlier . . . we ALL should be able to re-allign our priorities.

As Americans, do we have too much?

Give me your thoughts on this one. . .


p.s. Just to clarify, since I have made a lot of political comments on here, this entry has NOTHING to do with Phil Gramm’s recent comments on America being a “nation of whiners”.  TOTALLY UNRELATED.  These are thoughts I’ve been having for awhile on our values in general. I’m not discussing the economy or politics or anything like that.  I haven’t even read that much about Gramm’s comments and don’t know all he said. So please don’t misinterpret.  Thank you.


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  1. I don’t know if I should get started on this one…

    No, I don’t believe we have too much but I do have a problem with how some of it is attained without sacrifice. We have anything we want, just about as soon as the whim hits. AND too often we don’t have to pay for it. The government gives all the “basics” (or the American definition of the basics) to anyone who 1.) wants it, and 2.) makes no effort to improve themselves and their situations. Also, credit cards allow people to “take it home today” without thought of how they’ll end up paying for it. Meanwhile, people around the world are dying for lack of true basic necessities. I’m not opposed to the American Dream and I certainly don’t buy into a socialist government “solution” that forces one ideal of living on everyone, but I do think it’s high time we appreciate what we have and how we got it.

    An example: my son doesn’t get the latest video game systems as soon as they come out. My hubby and I are opposed to the idea of fulfilling his every whim. He hates it because every one of his friends get all the latest systems and all the games they could want. What we do honor is sacrifice on his part: he saves toward a purchase, we pitch in. That’s how he got his PSP and he cherishes it. There is the time for gifts and I want to bless my son, but it doesn’t make him a better person or a responsible adult by giving him everything he wants without expecting something from him.

    As for college, you’re right, in American anyone who wants to go can. Generally, those who don’t just don’t want to. Either they have other plans and means of supporting themselves, or they plan to let the government take care of them. I’d love to see what all the people on welfare, etc., would do with themselves if their tax-payer-supported lifestyles came to an end. Maybe more people would go to college?!

    And don’t even get me started on the cost of college… Really. Don’t!

    Bless you!

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