daddy n me

Well, I’m on the road truckin’ with my dear daddy!!   🙂   It’s only a short run. . . one night.  We tried to get a longer one together, but between schedules and dropped loads and a ton of barriers (welcome to the trucking life!) that never went together.  I’m still hoping for a week-long run some day.  For now, I’m just grateful I got to go.

This is the first run with him I’ve ever done . . . and I’m almost 19 years old.  I’m a huge Daddy’s girl and my relationship with him is very dear to me.  I’m so glad we got to do this at least once before I leave for college. 

What kinds of things do you girls do with your daddy’s?  Or you daddy’s with your dear daughters?  It’s a special bond, a dear relationship!

One Blessed Daughter


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