Why can’t people just leave good things alone??  I’m so sick of the media and other authors infringing on other people’s work to make themselves famous! 

If you’re making a movie based on a book, respect the author’s work and STICK TRUE TO THE STORY.  It’s famous because people like it THE WAY IT WAS.  And how dare other people write sequels and prequels to books that aren’t there’s?!  That should be illegal!! 

In both of those cases I want to shout, “It’s not your story!  You can’t dictate what happens!!!”

This picture, the “prequel” to Anne of Green Gables (one of my favorite stories; the timeless classic that has touched millions of lives) is merely one example.  The videos of this great story did the same thing!  The first movie was the only good one.  Number two they combined like three books together and made it boring and don’t get me started on movie number three!!!  Though a dear story, there WAS NOT ONE OUNCE of L.M. Montgomery’s work in it.  And do you know, it didn’t even make sense chronologically?  The dates were all off; WWI didn’t take place until Anne’s CHILDREN were grown.  That silly movie had HER generation battling it.  Ummm, hello?  What was the point of that??  Why not stick to the original, timeless script?

I’m not just picking on this story (although, because I’m so attached to it, I’m more upset about it than most).  It seems every classic is doing that.  Why?  Is talent dying so fast that people are tapping into other people’s genius?

Or is my generation too afraid of rejection to risk it???………


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