Not again…


Why is it these things never work?? My laptop is back in to get fixed AGAIN!!  It’s been in–no exaggeration–about every other week, maybe every two weeks, throughout the entire summer.

My computer man is as frustrated and tired to see it as I am to bring it.  lol

So, I’m now working on my parent’s desktop until who-knows-when.  So that may help explain if posts start becoming more sporadic and replies to comments short or nonexistant. 

I’m not trying to ignore you, it’s just difficult going back to a big, clunky computer and I can’t carry this one around with me wherever I go!

Can anyone empathize with me???


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  1. I do try to empathize with people whenever I can, but I have to say I can’t in this case.

    Is it a software problem or a hardware problem?

    If it’s a hardware problem and your laptop’s no longer under warranty, it may actually be cheaper for you to buy a new (or new-used) laptop than to keep getting this one fixed.

    If it’s a software problem (i.e., a Windows problem), there are a few very practical solutions to this:
    * Secure Windows with something like suDown so you’re not always running as administrator
    * Try Linux (Linux Mint is a good choice) instead of Windows
    * Consider getting a Mac

    I know you were really looking for empathy and not suggestions on other ways to “fix” the problem, but I couldn’t help myself. Sorry!

  2. 2 Ubuntucat: *groan* Not another Mac person . . . I’ve used one before. . . the scary machines that are slow, have just as many problems as a PC, and talk to you in that freaky, robot voice. I have nightmares of the computer at my former workplace droaning, “It’s not my fault; it’s not my fault” *shudder*

    And my problem is hardware and I’ve only had it like a year and half…should be under warranty (i hope). It’s a diff. problem every time, but right now it doesn’t believe it has a CD drive or burning capabilities (it does) or an S-video port (it does) and maybe other things not yet discovered. It had some virus problems before and this is just all from that. Grrr.

    Thanks for the ATTEMPTED empathy. And I’ll take advice over nothing. lol


  3. I’m actually a Linux person, but I use Windows at work and sometimes play on my wife’s Mac at home. I don’t discriminate against operating systems, which is why I suggested suDown for Windows.

    Hardware problems are kind of a pain, though, even if the hardware is under warranty. I’ll give you some real empathy this time.

  4. Computers in general are nothing but a headache. They do have their uses (blogs, fantasy football and email) and I seem to be on them all the time but they sure can be a pain.
    Have you tried an exorcism?????

  5. Ubuntucat~so, I’ve never heard of Linux before; I looked it up. It was pretty interesting, but now I have to ask…is your blog name ubuntu b/c u love the computers or b/c you want the focus of your blog to be what the word ‘ubuntu’ translates. .. . which was really cool, something about ‘humanity to others’ or something…or maye both?? Just curious. It’s a cool word. 🙂

    Shawn~lol…ironically, last time I took it in, my computer man said the only thing he hadn’t tried was holy water. My facebook status says, ‘I want to take a hatchet to my computer…’

  6. Well, my blog is named after Ubuntu the Linux distribution, but one of the reasons I like Ubuntu over some of the other versions of Linux is the philosophy it’s adopted. The humanity toward others philosophy shows in its community and its support forums.

    Archbishop Desmond Tutu apparently explains it as such:
    A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed.

    Sounds good to me.

    Oh, and I like cats, too.

  7. ubuntucat- i tried ubuntu on an old laptop but I couldn’t get the wireless to work. I googled it and the remedy was very long and very techy. I decided it was WAY over my head. I am a wanna-be geek. I heard rumors though that low cost pc’s were going to come with some version of linux on it.

  8. Unless you buy your hardware specifically for Ubuntu (i.e., do research to make sure it’s Linux-compatible) or you buy Linux preinstalled (and Dell does sell Ubuntu preinstalled PCs), I wouldn’t recommend installing Ubuntu yourself, unless you happen to luck out with compatible hardware (which does happen quite often) or you really want to roll up your sleeves with some troubleshooting.

    I bought a low-cost computer (Asus Eee PC) with Linux preinstalled (Xandros, to be specific – not Ubuntu), and it works a dream. Asus preconfigures everything for you, so wireless, suspend, screen resolution, sound, hotkeys, etc. all work out of the box (as does Flash and MP3 support).

    The best thing to do before diving into a Ubuntu installation is run the Desktop CD as a live CD (which doesn’t affect your hard drive), and you can see how well your hardware is detected before making a commitment.

    Generally speaking, go with Intel and HP and shy away from Broadcom and Lexmark. But you can find a more comprehensive hardware compatibility list here.

    Sorry this discussion has gone a bit off-topic!

  9. […] hate these things Posted on September 10, 2008 by mle08 So, if you remember this post, which I wrote almost two months ago, my laptop broke down.  Kind of.  It wasn’t working […]

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