I went to the fair with family last night.  I added plenty of fat to my body, laughed so hard it HAD to have counted as “exercise” and just had a jolly time. 

I also was told a very funny fair story by my uncle.  I had been venting to him how creeped out I was by this one carnie who was rude, so he made me laugh with this.

It seems he was at a fair one time, and there was a carny being really crude to a group of teenage girls. (No surprise there, that only happens at every fair in the country!)  Well, they were trying to “clean up” the fair style and make it a better environment, and another carny overheard this exchange.  He was a big, buff black man, and he walked up to the man, told him to knock it off, that he wasn’t helping create a family-friendly environment.  (I applaud you, unnamed man!) 

Instead of listening to the advice, the foolish carny continued his taunts . . . and the other man wound up and DECKED him right in the face.  He fell flat on the ground!!   🙂

The next day my uncle was back at the fair.  There was the foolish carny, stuck working in the kiddie rides, sullenly saying nothing as he took toddler’s tickets, with a HUGE purple bruise covering his eye.  LOL

Oh, that’s just awesome!!

p.s. Can anyone tell me . . . did I spell carny right?  Is it with a “y” or “ie” ??  Spell check doesn’t seem to know, either.  🙂


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