I am a very old-fashioned teenager.  I tend to do things the way they did “in the olden days”.  Here’s just one more way to prove I was born in the wrong generation.  I don’t like these things:

Call them what you want, whatever it is:  IT DOESN’T WORK.  You can’t sweep corners or funny edges or get around objects with those kinds of sweepers/mops.  Trust me.  I’ve used them before.  Many times.  You also have to keep those pads clean, or you get dirt streaks.   They’re an attempt to make housework easier…even my grandma uses them (and trust me, she wouldn’t if they didn’t work!)  But I can’t and will not. 

Companies are continually updating them and fixing them to “better fit our needs”. . . but you know what?  I don’t think this ever had to be re-made:

As far as I know, once the broom was invented, it was done. (Okay, I don’t really know broom history, I’m just assuming, here.)  Sure, they made different kinds.  Ones with stronger bristles are mean for a workshop, for example.  But you just can’t beat a good ol’ broom.  IT WORKS and it won’t leave a trail or miss corners!

And, hey, if you’re wanting to do a really good job on your floors . . . well, this dates back quite far.  I’m guessing the stone-aged people used this technique when trying to break out of what we know as the “Stone Age”.  🙂


I got my mother to take those pictures of me because (this is really shameful) I have always used a mop.  I’m weeks away from turning 19 years old and in all those years I have NEVER scrubbed a floor on my hands and knees.  But I actually enjoyed it.  It did a better job, didn’t leave as much water (so I could walk on it sooner) and if I DID happen to walk on it wet, it didn’t really matter.  With a mop, you leave streaks of dirt in puddles of water, but with a rag, the dirt is already up, so you can walk as much as you please, as long as you don’t mind getting your socks wet!

Working hard (because that’s the best way to work!),
Emily Grace


2 Responses

  1. What’s wrong with using the mop if it works? I’m sure I’ve been on my hands and knees cleaning. Think I was yesterday come to think of it when I did my Martha Sweart thang on the bathroom. Never thought of it as a rite of passage or anything

  2. I remember when I was a boy we had to chew up sticks to make them fiberous enough to be used as a mop, then we had to hike 5 miles to the creek to draw water. Of course we made our own soap. All to mop a dirt floor. Now that I am 33, I use a mop…..
    Its actually nice to see someone that still uses a mop and is not sfraid to put some elbow grease into what they’re doing. I think Swifers are a HUGE waste of time and money. A broom does a great job. You keep to your “old fashion values”, I have always said that I was born in the wrong generation.

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