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I’ve been lax the past few days in posting, I know.  I’m now in college and am computer-less, since my laptop is still getting fixed.  So that tends to make it difficult to blog!

My college experience (I’m still in Orientation, class doesn’t start till monday) has been one of varied emotions.  I had to literally leave for college from my cousin’s funeral.  That makes it very difficult to be excited about anything.  I think for this post I’ll just ramble on what’s going on with me now.  It’s not very interesting, but it’s all I have.

My cousin was 11 weeks old when she died, so the casket was just a tiny, itty-bitty thing that made you cry just by the size of it.  It killed me to look at it.  

College has some interesting people.  The first night my friends and I had an offer to go partying and drinking by some guy already intoxicated (we refused). 

It was my dad’s birthday on Friday, but I couldn’t get ahold of him to wish him a happy birthday.  Actually, I haven’t been able to reach ANYONE from home.  I always miss them when I call and they call me when I’m busy.  It makes it difficult, because, independent and excited as I am about college, I do miss them.

But I’m not looking for a pity-party.  I’ve had GREAT times, too.  A few of my close friends and I played sand volleyball in the dark on Friday night.  Now, I HATE sports, but we were just goofing around, and I had so much fun.  

Saturday we got a ton of free stuff for orientation and met some cool people, then went on a long, late night Wal-Mart run.  That was a BLAST.  We got lost, made a total of five U-turns (only one was illegal. 🙂    ) but spent a shockingly little amount of money in regards to the amount of stuff we bought. (I love Wally World!)

Tomorrow should be a nice, relaxing sunday.  Hopefully I’ll have my computer soon and be back in the blog-world with you guys!!

Oh…does anyone have any ideas of how to cover dorm closets?  My roommate and I don’t have closet doors.  We were going try try a shower curtain, but the length of the rod needs to be over 7 feet, which wal-mart didn’t have.  And if Wally World doesn’t have it. . . . no one does!


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  1. Your dorm room comes with a closet that doesn’t have doors? What kind of a closet is that. Wish I could help but there is not much to suggest other than your shower curtain idea or a big blanket attached to the top.

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